Monday, February 12, 2007


Photo by - Endevourme

Me doing a tag for first time, may be it will brush up ur ideas abt how Me is :D

My Favourites
Favorite Color
Pure black, white, green, i think i like all colours no bias here.

Favorite Food
I am a veggie, and except bhindi i can eat anything.

Favorite Month
All of them are good in their own way.. (is this getting wierd?)

Favorite Song
hmmm...thats a difficult question cause there are soo many of them n i donno which one to choose!right now its 'roxette - it must have been love' on my winamp

Favorite Movie
lot what comes to my mind is 'roja'

Favorite Sport
TT, i dont quite 'like' cricket

Favorite Season
Here too no bias! everything happens in nature has a purpose isnt it?n its soooo beautiful!

Favorite Day of the week
Monday maybe cause it puts me in strict routine once again.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
Vanilla, plain n sweet :D

Favorite Time of Day
Depends, with whom you are, where you are,tho i enjoy being alone too :D

My currents
Current Mood
Sleepy…the tag is getting me tired!

Current Taste
I need tea...n its late today.

Current Clothes

Current Desktop
An IBM machine

Current Toenail Color
Natural(whatever it is 'cause i am wearing shoes)

Current Time
9 at morning

Current Surroundings
my office! creative n beautiful, i tend to enjoy this place, its more like a holiday resort :D
i naturally tend to adjust to so many things...

Current Thoughts
I thought i will never do a tag, it reveals so much abt me ;-)

My Firsts
First Best Friend
My mom tells tho i dont remember...a girl in my neighbourhood...before i started schooling, she used to come to our house,i used to cry after she had gone :(

First Screen Name

First Pet
Cat - Yendi, dog - moti then came Chendi n Mendi, next generations of Yendi, a dog Tina, n many more...

First Piercing
Ears...i dont even remember when they did it...

First Album
Photo album...?hehe

First Movie
was it shehenshah? i think so, i was so small,n funnily i was scared of shehenshah itself...

My Lasts
Last Cigarette
I live in no smoking zone

Last Drink
Pinapple juice at night yesterday n lots of water...

Last Car Ride
From office to home

Last Movie Seen

Last Phone Call
To home

Last Book Read
My lovers lover (dont take it wrong guyz. i get easily bored by romantic novels)

Have You Ever Broken the Law

Have You Ever Been Arrested

Have You Ever Been on TV

Have You Ever Lied
many times, it comes so naturally!

Thing You've Done Today
can waiting be called as an activity?

Thing You Can Hear Right Now
some girl murmuring somewhere...

Thing You Can't Live Without

Thing You Do When You're Bored
I usually dont get bored, very comfy n natural n calm n sane life i have n ppl envy me.

No-one, No-one and No-one.

1. Black or White

2. Hot or Cold

many of them n here is a list probably u have seen already :D!!


endevourme said...

the cat u can see in the pic roams around my house,
the first cat we had-Yendi used to look like this :D!!

Aditi said...

yeah...yeah this tag reveals nothing abt you

endevourme said...

oh it doesnt? i thought it reveals a lot....
n i think u guyz already kno soo much abt me! dont u?

Seema said...

Heyyy Tagomania gets one n all to speak !

Aditi said...

hmm that is a matter of opinion
but ehh to each its own i suppose

dharmabum said...

i think it says one thing - when it comes to making a choice - u are either unable to do so, or choose to remain non comittal. what say u?

the names - yendi chendi and all - they mean something? what is it, mal?

the snap - beautiful!

deepti said...

Happy valentines day.

endevourme said...

yaa really! but i think only this tag is interesting not others :D

what is meant by ehh?

arey its not like that yaar.
eg my fav season, i say i like all of them n i really really do :-)

this was not the case a few years back, i had individual choices.
now i am changing a lot.
n i always feel i am crystal clear abt my priorities n choices :D!

abt the cats...nope they dont mean anything in general but as my pets
they have a lot of meaning to me :D
they gave so much to me n even now i can feel those bonds of love n
touching their tender feet. is beautiful isnt it?

hey thanks!
same to you :D

dharmabum said...

arrey...jus playing around with words ende :)

if we have to choose, we have to - we can't argue with the question in a test of MCQ, can we? but then, i wud agree that life isn't all about clear cut choices like that, but still...

GuNs said...

Just for the record, mate - YOU SUCKED at this tag !!

LOL, you are meant to reply with your first shot answers that your brain throws up. Such tags have no room for diplomacy, its like an objective test - you have to select one and only one option.

[:-P] Do it again !!


endevourme said...

yup all of us have different opinions right? thats why i never wrote a tag before :D

hehe...well i m not doin it again :)
everyone has his own POV isnt it?

nirmala said...

hey hey ur tagged n nice to know ur intrests......not all tho i know u dnt open up dat eazily......:-)n cute snap of ur cat ....watz meaning of yendi?

endevourme said...

hmmm, i think amongst bloggers u know me the best :D!
strange naa we never met but still we so much understand and
thats one reason i linked only you on my blog...

yendi doesnt have any meaning, just like that :D

nirmala said...

ya strange but grt na dat its not nesassary to meet a person to know him r her.........:-).......

endevourme said...

ya thats true!
we stay with some people for years n still we dont know them really
and there are some people we come in touch and immediately we feel that
we have known them since iternity...
but i feel its difficult to find thus people which understand,
u r one of the very few people i can communicate to...

thank yu sooo much for this friendship :D

i think one more thing we have in common is innocence...
innocence is one of our biggest strength
n the ability to 'see' is a common connection :D

i think i have to stop otherwise my comment will not end....

its so easy naa to communicate...

Pritika Gupta said...

Well nice tag.. but u r vegeterian n dont like bhindi.. very bad..!! about seasons.. liking depends on place u live..i mean yeah comfort ka mamla hai..:)

endevourme said...

#pritika gupta
hmmm...but bhindi...?....i just cant go with it!
highly not possible :D!!