Saturday, May 26, 2007

Making curry...

Photo by - Endevourme
We eat curry, all of us do. If you dont then probably you live a life where everything is different and whatever i am writing may not make sense to you.
The world we live in has lot of people. Too many of them. Some of them know how to prepare curry and only few can make a tasty one. To make a tasty curry you need to get the formula right. You need vegetables, you need spices, you need salt etc etc. And you need the right proportion.
There are some good things about the world we live in. One of such good things is that the principle of proportion which works for curry, also works for our life. Instead of vegetables, spices n salt etc we have family, career, god etc etc and remember that proportion and balance is more important than the ingredients themselves.
Amazingly, its very easy to make bad curry than a good curry and also that these days nobody wants to do easy things. And also if few people can make good curry then few people can make good life. Check others, if their curry is spoilt then may be you have a good chance. There is something more special about curry. Smaller the quantity better the taste. So prepare your curry only as much as you need. Dont overdo. And dont take everything seriously as overcooking your curry also spoils it. Already feel that your curry is spoilt? doesnt matter cause very few people make it better than you have done and few people have life worth calling life.
When i started making my curry i had something in mind but it went bad somewhere but i did some manipulation and now its some different kind of curry. But its tasty. Tastier than what i had in mind when i started making it. And it was fun. It wouldnt be fun if we start with a formula and everything goes smooth isnt it? it would be so predictable and boring, like cooks in hotels, they make tasty food but they hardly like it. I think being cook is like being god, its so boring being god. And yes, taste is what we want isnt it? how easily we forget that our main aim in life is to be happy!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Waking Up...

Photo by - Endevourme

I am waking up...bit by reality.
And it is much much better than what i had imagined.

Monday, May 14, 2007 life

Photo by - Endevourme

We keep running for many things in life thinking that what we are doing is correct. And then after some time we feel that no this is not enough its not taking me anywhere and i am just not happy. And then we look inside and we think spirituality is the key and we start running behind beliefs and theories. But again we are running. Running...running...running...
i too did the same. i was running because others were running. i knew that nobody else is happy but no i didnt want to listen and i kept going and going. Somewhere down the line i was exhausted i was dead tired and i stopped. Then i looked back and found that i was much more happy at the place i began and i was just being so stupid running all this time. May be...purpose of life is just life and nothing else and just because we need some drama, we keep looking for some other purpose in life. The happiest person i have seen in my life was my great-grandmother and she was happy because she was always fully commited to life. When i stopped running and became more involved in life i am finding that yes this is what i wanted and the most courageous and purposeful thing is to face and accept life as it is, to accept neither positively nor negatively but as it is. We love nature, why because its so full of life, its so juicey, so involved and so committed. There is so much love and so much power. Its real cause real love is never weak, its always strong. Powerful, nurturing and self sufficient.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

In a soldier's mind...

Photo by - Endevourme

Once again i want to stroll along those lanes,
the green fields, the cool air, with fallen leaves rustling below our feet and birds chirping their sweet nothings...
one more time...just one more time...i want to call your name and see you turn to look at me, the sparkle in your eyes and sunshine on your face and live forever in that complete moment.
With all the warmth and life in my eyes, i long for you,
...behind enemy lines...for the one waiting for me in the green fields beyond...
so much i miss you...