Sunday, November 26, 2006

At Peace...

Photo by - Endevourme

Swordsmanship's first achievement is the unity of man and sword
Once this unity is attained even a blade of grass can be a weapon

The second achievement is when the sword exists in one's heart
when absent from one's hand
One can strike an enemy at 100 paces
even with bare hands

Swordsmanship's ultimate achievement
is the absence of the sword
in both hand and heart
The swordsman is at peace
with the rest of the world
He vows not to kill and to bring peace to mankind

- Jet Lee in the movie HERO

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Photo by - Endevourme

An idea is like a strange little mystical kid.
It stays in the corner all the day, idling, staring at us,
expecting that when the right moment comes,
we will seize it,play with it, hold it, flex it, bend it, topple it and in some or the other way love it.
When born, the ideas are miniature. Just a concept.
We nurture them, we love them. In some way they are expression of our own self.
We take care of them, improve them, teaching them according to our past experiences.
Initially, we are afraid to send them out into the open.
But they grow and mature. They become bold and like a proud parent, we push them into the big, bad world.
There they aquire life of their own. Then somewhere they get mixed up with other similar ideas and make friends, what we call as innovation.
They marry to ideas they feel they are comfortable with and eventually give birth to what we call the future.

Monday, November 13, 2006

grass n water...

Photo by - Endevourme
Some time back I read 'the Island Walkers', John Bemrose. Nice book.
Recently I read Iris Murdoch - 'The Green Knight' and 'the Bell'.
Both are amazing novels.
The characters seem so real...after finishing the book i couldnt grasp that they are just not real.

In The Green Knight, Moy, a teenage character, wants to be an artist.
She collects stones, she paints. She is sensitive, and so also vulnerable, delicate.
She lives in her own world, pretty similar to mine.

Somewhere in the novel she thinks -
Why do i collect stones...
Dont they also have their own destiny?
When i bring them home from the wild,
may be they miss the winds, the rains,
the dust, the grass.
Perhaps wild is their true home and other stones their friends,
do i have a right to interfere with their destiny?

Incidentally, at the end of novel Moy says -
when i turn 18, maybe i will go to India
where people believe that everything that exists has life
and every thing, though even small, is important...

well...may be thats why...i am in india... n i am happy :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Photo by - Endevourme

Butterfly, oh butterfly, why do you hide in the shadows?
Spread wide your wings, let your heart sing
And come dance with me in the meadow

Butterfly, oh butterfly, why do you fear?
You'll never stray, I'll lead the way
Just follow the path, I'll be near

Butterfly, oh butterfly, have you no hope?
Drink of the sun, our life's just begun
Thro time's hills and valleys we'll lope

Butterfly, oh butterfly, dare you to dream?
On our hearts we depend, shall we follow the wind
And consign to the fates grander scheme?

---Sheri Walters