Monday, January 28, 2008

Broken Symphony...

Photo by - Endevourme

Last year i happened to go to tanjawur. And i got this flute outside tanjavur temple. As soon as we reached home,i took the flute out and there it was in my hands! my first ever musical instrument! i tried to blow air through it, trying to get some flute-like sound. But..I kept blowing and blowing and what kept coming was just phoo phoo. After sometime i thought, after all it takes some practice and soon i will be able to get something out of it. Suddenly the lights went out and there i was, sitting and waiting on the floor in my room. After waiting for sometime in vain, i got up and started searching for candle in the darkness. As a rule candles always vanish after the lights go out, maybe because they are afraid of fire but it must be somewhere, it must be, and so i kept searching. And suddenly in that darkness, there came a sound, it came from the flute...sound, not the melodious sound of flute, not even 'phoo' but a 'kadak!'. It took me a whole second to grasp that in that darkness, i had actually stomped over my first ever musical instrument!
I simply gave up and never ever thought doing anything with it till i found it yesterday. I tried to 'phoo' but now it sounds better that my erlier 'phoo', and i wonder why. It has a big crack now and maybe i will keep it with me till i get a new one. I think maybe , just maybe... phooing is better than being silent.


Endevourme said...

u cant see the crack in this photo but its really big one...
phoo phoo hehe :D!!

d SINNER!!! said...

hmmm....nice shot...

and yea..u got me the template like urs...



Endevourme said...

#d SINNER!!!
thanks :D
yes its similar...this one is customized by me though,,, :D

Miss Iyer said...

hahhaa. funny story! But I guess, this one is made to sound better in your pictures.

Arti Honrao said...

Lucky phoo! I mean Lucky you!
At least you could get out a bit melodious phoo out of your phloot ...
I was tired of phoo phooing n my dad gave it away to someone who could phoo ... oops again, [play] it better


Don't get a new one ...


Endevourme said...

#Miss Iyer
hmmm..i think its my honour that i got the flute for taking that pic hehe
thanks :D

#Arti Honrao
hehe, we had a hormonium too , that was someone else's.. after somedays dad gave it back..i think my parents were horrified at our talents :D

/-Don't get a new one ...
thats the (only)problem with you will stick to everything,,even your pain instead of moving forward hehe
i will definitely get a new flute..though dont know when :D

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

yes, phooing is much better!!!

Arti Honrao said...

thats the (only)problem with you will stick to everything,,even your pain instead of moving forward hehe
i will definitely get a new flute..though dont know when :D

Oh yeah yeah yeah!
Beware of what you say about girls...
Hum pain ko gale lagaate hain to theek hai parr khushi ke peeche to nahi bhaagte unncessarily. Khushi humein mil jaati hai ...

Happiness is like a shadow - run behind it, it runs away :p
Got the point? :p again.

I am very good at tabla u know?
Table tabla I mean.
Soch rahi thi guitar bajaun, but u c, I really really care for my folks...

BTW, happy phooing with ur new phloot.

Endevourme said...

#Gillian @ Indigo Blue
hey gillan :D!!
ya dats correct...phoo phoo hehe

#Arti Honrao
dont u get angry da..i didnt want u to get angry...:D!!
/-khushi ke peeche to nahi bhaagte unncessarily

mmm...unnecessorily? didnt get..

i didnt know u play tabla...thats u gud at something musical..luk at me,,me knows nothing :(

Arti Honrao said...

Arre boss nahi re I am not angry ...
Was just kidding!

Khushi ke peeche nahi bhagte unnecessarily like you guys I meant :p

I believe, each person has a talent, just need to find it :D


Michelle said...

it looks beautiful nevertheless :)

Khushi said...

psssssssssst! better luck next time :)

Cinderella. said...

I loved this 'phoo' post though !!


Get a mouth organ...might work for you.

Have a great sunday.

Endevourme said...

#Arti Honrao
just kidding haa? no kidding haa hehe :D

#Michelle least it served that purpose :D

hehe thanks!

Get a mouth organ...? hehe i want flute wonly no organ-worgan haa :D