Sunday, July 20, 2008


Photo by - Endevourme

Its a dry afternoon and the watch shows three

i stand near the tap,
leasurely, on one leg,
another hanging free

i think nothing, i just see,
reflections on water,
soft, still and green

the window is open,
there is a hint of wind,
i do nothing, i just breathe

i fill the glass,
with clear, pure water

half full - half empty?
why should i care?

i put it to my mouth, drinking it in
slowly, quietly, stopping in between

it tastes sweetish but not quite sweet
transparent, cool, liquid, flowing with ease

for just a moment, the water is me,
but once the moment has passed,
there wont be water,
but just me.

the glass will be empty, that is for sure,
but then, why should i care?


Endevourme said...

yeps the pic i took in our little garden, of some wild plant

yesterday i cleared up the weeds so the plant is no more,

gunj said...

dat was beautiful:)

Alapana said...

Hmmm, weeds but the flowers look so beautiful.

Endevourme said...

hey thanks!

yeps, these are quite common infact you can see quite many herearound :D

nefariousoutlook said...

well written!!

just read a few of your previous posts!! keep posting :)

and thanks for dropping by

Endevourme said...

keep reading :)
thanks for dropping by too!

Scribblers Inc said...

"why should i care??"

just quoting!!:P
nice poetry though!

Scribblers Inc.

Endevourme said...

#Scribblers Inc
"why should i care??"
indeed why shud we care at all hehe

shankari said...

You've been tagged- both Ende and Asmita please.

Endevourme said...

thanks fr tagging!

Veena said...

loved the lines
"for just a moment, the water is me,
but once the moment has passed,
there wont be water,
but just me"

Endevourme said...

hehe, didnt mean it the spiritual way haa :D

Veena said...

perceptions !

Endevourme said...

yea perceptions :D
doesnt it say everything about spirituality?

Rasika Mahabal said...

so simple yet so enigmatic

Junius said...

thanku thanku