Monday, October 06, 2008


Photo by - Endevourme

The paragraph is from Agatha Christie's, "The ABC murders". Elizabeth Barnard, a young girl has been murdered. Poirot, the detective, is enquiring her sister Megan about the dead girl.

"Death, mademoiselle, unfortunately creates a prejudice. A prejudice in the favour of the deceased. I heard what you just now said to my friend Hastings,"A nice bright girl with no men friends". You said that in mockery of newspapers. And it is very true- when a young girl is dead, that is the kind of thing that is said. "She was bright", "She was happy", "She was sweet-tempered", "She had not a care in the world", "She had no undesirable acquaintances". There is a great charity always to the dead. Do you know what I should like this minute? I should like to find someone who knew Elizabeth Barnard and who does not know she is dead! Then perhaps, I should hear what is useful to me - the truth"


Endevourme said...

the pic is some wildflowers soaked with sunlight hehe :D

Neilina said...

Pic is beautiful!
The paragraph speaks of itself, soaked in truthfulness. Hey, thanks for sharing!

Gauri Gharpure said...

i like being here for the blog is an insightful collage of writings worth reading..

Endevourme said...

hey thanks!
yea truthful it was, AC's writing is gr8 aint it?

#Gauri Gharpure
/-writings worth reading..
i kno i kno
infact i dont want it to become like this!
but wht to do? no insightful material for me to write hehe

Canary said...

Some of the pictures here are delightful! :)

Endevourme said...

only some :(
keep visiting hehe :D