Monday, December 01, 2008


Yes, that is a spider! It is a different kind I guess, I have never seen it before here. One day I went to our terrace in the morning and saw the fellow there! There was a huge net, the kind they show on national geographic. If you see carefully, the net is reinforced with small white zigzag fibres. The fellow did not find any pray for a whole day, obviously due to wrong choice of place, (aka our terrace :D)and when I checked the next morning, it was gone!
Anyways, I am in a bit low mood(blame it on terror attacks, recession, global warming, population explosion, pollution etc etc...) and want to go into years of 1980s(or still further?1970s..60s..), to enjoy relaxed afternoons in parsi cafes, to watch movies of Amol Palekar, to hear simple melodious songs of Lata(freshly done),to play carrom boards with chalky fingers, to eat Ice-golas with wet hands, to play hide and seek, games of marbles(with my childhood friends of course!), to play cards with my cousins(with worn out suits of playing cards for getting easy 'clues') and Banker, to watch Jungle book, Moglee and Ducktails, Bharat ek khoj, Baje sargam, Des raag on doordarshan(while sitting on the floor on sunday morning parallely eating samosas).


Neilina said...

Don't you think this species of Spider looks kinda different....Hope no one mutates into SpiderMan. :D
Ooooh....I am feeling to have samosas now! :)

Prasad :D!! said...

aww...3 parts are over many do you want? lol

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Rasika Mahabal said...

aah... miss those days!

Junius said...

I think we all miss the old times...(~sigh~)