Monday, September 28, 2009


Its dasara today and the flowers you see in the pic are 'zendu'(I dont know english name for these). Dasara time, and you see loads of these in the market.
This plant is naturally growing near my house and I am wondering about botanical question of 'how did this propagate here?'
But I like them like this better, on the plant, than prunning them, making garlands and tying them somewhere on the door and putting them in dustbin the next day.
There is also a tree nearby, leaves of this tree are exchanged as 'gold' on dasara and sometime back I saw that the tree was looking leafless and barren as it was robbed of its leaves for dasara.
I agree people cant exchange real gold on dasara owing to sky high price of gold but if you spoil trees like this, then probably you are also poor in some other sense.
I am not criticising dasara tradition, but isnt letting things grow naturally, a still older tradition?
Anyways, be it garlands, be it flowers, these are mere symbols, and meanings behind symbols are more important than the symbols themselves. Those who understand that, are the really ones who celebrate. Others are like sardarjees in that joke, you point them to something important, and all they keep looking at, is the finger!

Happy Dasara again!!! Cheers!!! :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wonderful picture and good thoughts! I agree with them!

Junius said...

#Rakesh Vanamali
hey thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting P! By the way, the english name for this flower is marigold :)

Deepali said...

hahaha @ the pointing something to a sardarji bit.

You're quite right. Flowers are always better when they are alive and living rather than in garlands, vases etc. The worse for me though is when all these things get thrown into a lake, river or sea. Not only are you plucking these things but then pollution water bodies.

Junius said...

i agree about the pollution bit