Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Most people arent happy in what they are doing. They find mundane work boring or they think that their work is not worth their ability. But if so, I ask people what will make them happy? Then people tell me that they still dont know what exactly they want and they want to know where their true passion lies. They think doing things they are passionate about will make them happy. I dont think its so easy to find what you really want. And what you want might change over a period of time and if you are really passionate about something, it might become mundane if you do it as a profession, you never know.
But its important to search what you want really. And is challenging too.
Most of us dont know what we want but most of us know exactly what we dont want. And I think its important to know that to start with :)

The pic is some shell on my palm...cheers! :)


V Rakesh said...

Good illustration!

Junius said...

#V Rakesh
hey thanks!

Rasika Mahabal said...

I discussed the same thing other day with a friend (From SP and same division :-)) I used exactly same words, hamare khayalaat kitane milate hain hahaha

Junius said...

wow thats nice lol ;)