Monday, August 02, 2010


The picture is leaves of some plant in front of moi house after rains this weekend.
I dont know why but this particular shade of green in the picture reminds me of ad of Cinthol or Liril :) I like smell of both...and also smell of lemon :)


V Rakesh said...

Absolutely fresh!

Gauri Gharpure said...

such green always looks perfect in any photo..

Junius said...

#V Rakesh
#Gauri Gharpure
hehe thanks both of you!

Anonymous said...


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Michelle said...

I love that colour.

Ganesh Jaju said...

It is indeed very fresh! Perfect capture again!

Junius said...

hey thanks!
no see long time...

#Ganesh Jaju
hehe thanks...nature is the perfect if you shoot what is perfect then picture would come good wonly :)

Laks said...

Hey there,
Happen to notice one of your comments in an old post of mine ( Just thought i'd chk out ur blog. Here are my 2 cents on this post,
The leaves do remind me of a lemon tree for some reason too.. brings in memories of rain and fun. Thats a fantastic picture, do you have a Nixon?

Yatika Dhingra said...

Thanks so much! Worked great
Stylo hameta
Pongamia pinnata
 Swietenia mahagoni
cassia auriculata
Acacia mangium
Simarouba glauca
Lakshmi taru