Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Heisenberg's Nightmare...

I am gloomy for weather which is getting more and more uncertain. I am sure that today if Heisenberg were alive, he wouldnt have been very happy to analyse this type of uncertainty.
In India, the agriculture is so much dependent on weather. So is it time when India will run into a major famine or food shortage?
Even though I dont want to answer that question, my mind says we will see a famine within next 10 years. I always had an instinct for weather. Many times on a sunny morning, I would sense something and say,"It will rain today", and it has rained. Almost always. This time I will be happy to be proven wrong for my prediction that a famine would happen.

But you know...deep inside my mind...I want it to happen..I know it sounds morally incorrect but something like this would teach us a lesson and probably we would start taking our environment seriously.

Probably this learning would come at a huge cost to life..but some lessons come at heavy cost..because otherwise, without a heavy punishment, we refuse to learn.

Go Green. Cheers!


Junius said...

Those poor souls which couldnt connect heisenberg with the post, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncertainty_principle

If you couldnt make the connection, its unlikely that you will understand the wikipedia article anyway.
Either way...Cheers :)

V Rakesh said...

Welcome back my friend. You've been gone too long!

Brilliant picture!

Lets hope we do not come to learn a lesson from a colossal mistake!

Gauri Gharpure said...

intuition abt weather.. savvy! i am really not sure though tht a drought would help, for you are assuming people will learn from the adversity.. my guess is those who need to won't and those who are already hardpressed and concerned may have to face more difficulties and economy.

btw, have you read 'Everyone Loves a Good Drought' by P Sainath?? i ws so intrigued by the title, tht's wht made me buy it!

Junius said...

#V Rakesh
Yeaa..not able to update often now a days! thanks...

#Gauri Gharpure
I agree with what you say...its the poor who will suffer and the policymakers who need to learn wont hehe...thanks

Neers said...

which part of town is this??

Junius said...

Pune east :)