Friday, May 26, 2006


Photo by-Endevourme

When i feel nobody can understand me,
i make up an imaginary better half!

she gives me space.makes me feel that i am being listened.
she is not an angel, but is human,
simple , down to earth person...

she is not perfect, but is complete.
a completeness i can correlate myself with.

she listens to everything,and is always there for me.
she understands me very well.
talks to me.sometimes gives suggestions,but never bothers me.

sometimes we sit togather, side by side,
she keeps her head on my shoulders.
we speak nothing, but just listen to the silence.
feeling a complete moment.

sometimes when i am sleeping like a child,
she wakes up and looks at me.
and...somewhere in my dreams,
i feel a cool soft breeze,
loving me,soothing me.
a love...which is real.


Saroj said...

Very nice, but one can’t live with imaginations. We need someone real to share feelings, shoulder to cry and touch to solace. “a love...which is real” … so difficult to define what is love.

Pritika Gupta said...

I think its perfect time for u to get married or atleast get engaged..;-)..

In b/w no one is perfect..luv is bout finding a partner who helps u in becoming perfect..

Sorabh Raina said...

really nice post:)

i disagree with the earlier comments

anamika said...

very beautiful photograph...and post too...

ones best friend is actually within ones own soul, the soul tells the truth and always listens...

chitra said...

so cute! i wish your real partner is also very much the same.
Best of luck, dear

endevourme said...

thank you very much da,
i think u missed the first line!
and why define love.
definitions restrict scope of everything.

thank you very much da,
still i dont know what i want,
why to hurry?

#sorabh raina
thank you very much da,
i do too :-)

thank you very much da,
well this is more than a friend,
somewhat more close;-)

thank you very much da,
hope so ;-)

Pritika Gupta said...

UR blog colours and photos there make it really lively.. I luv to visit ur a new post soon

endevourme said...

so nice of you dear :-)
new happens
when you have real urge to say something.
thank u very much for appreciating my photos.

Saroj said...


Your lush green photographs remind me of Kerala

endevourme said...

lush green...
thank you very very much :-) too want to visit once.

GuNs said...

Beautiful poetry and an even better photograph. Did you take it yourself? What camera do you use?


endevourme said...

thanks da,
i took the pictures :-)
my cam is an old secondhand
kodac dx4900.
its a point n shoot, not a
professional camera.

Rose said...

Hope u meet ur imaginary better half..



endevourme said...

thank u for the wishes :-)

Suji said...

You have a nice blog with wonderful pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tru love doesn't really have any definitions and nor does it need any definitions. And its nice to dream abt that perfect somebody. But it wud be even better to find that somebody for real. Hope u find her soon. :)

nirmala said...

pics are luvley so are ur feelings expressed in words

endevourme said...

thank you very much,
...and you take photos better than i do :-)

Neers said...

beautiful!! and i completely see what you mean..

endevourme said...

thank you so much for being here :-)

Rasika Mahabal said...

aah, too much expectation ;-)

Junius said...

lol ;)