Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Photo by-Endevourme

Some words that i like...

smile tickle butterfly giggle twinkle cherish moment
meridian composure crisp composed glide curiosity
bubble orientation leisure fabric elegence precharge
sunshine coconut essence gorgeous cute grace tranquility
blossom pure balanced dynamic pumpkin soft play deduce
affinity proportions harmony perception keen rhythm melody
percieve inherent aspect reflection seek idea enriched indeed
lavish fucused aware secure principal commencing superstructure
magnitude point ground deal sense minute delicate fragile tender
illusions painted perpetual river wind fountain sound quiet nourish
sight stimulate express clear desire render granuler fine coarse light
assure style core activate refresh impulse recipe tiny stray still soak
flush place displace move contain affection


Neha said...

uv got some great pics on the blog..

endevourme said...

thank you very much da,
i am still learning photography :-)
please check colorsnshades.zoto.com

nirmala said...


endevourme said...

thank you,
i have linked you :-)

nirmala said...

Thank u for linking me.

dfhusdhfaisf said...

ur picsare so broad... i like it.

endevourme said...

#LeTs KiCk SuM hUnNie BuNs
thank you for visiting my blog :-)