Friday, August 25, 2006


Photo by - Endevourme

The only source of light in the room was casting a long shadow on the wall ofher bedroom, where she sat in a corner dabbing the wound on her forehead and her lips, which were the result of her struggle with a man. Her clothes were torn and her face was stained with dried tears mixed with blood. She was shivering and the only sound in the room was the sudden outbursts of sobs. She was unable to make up her mind on what should be her next step. Was she supposed to tell the landlady about what had happened that night in her bedroom or was she supposed to dispose off the body of the man in her room and behave as if nothing had happened?Slowly she got up from where she was sitting and walked towards the body that lay in the center of her room to check whether the man was actually dead. The man was lying motionless on the floor for a long time. She had done nothing to kill him but who would believe her? The man had tried to force himself on her, beating and biting her and she had just pushed him and he had stumbled and banged into a table, the corner of which was responsible for a sharp wound at the back of his head.He collapsed on the floor and lay there still, for a long time. When the girl moved closer to him she saw blood oozing out from the wound at the back of his head. She knelt down near the body to feel his pulse but suddenly the man moved and pounced on her. He was now on top of her. He punched her hard in her face and then removed a knife from the pocket of his trousers........

......from Autumn - The last leaf written by one of my friends Arti ( D Poetess).

(Ya, I have friends which are authors of books.........!)I have read this book and its nice. No i am not saying this because Arti is my friend.The book has suspence, drama and (comfortable) romance.
A bit about my reading habits,,, I read a lot, and to me reading comes before photography.Rather I read whatever scrap of paper or whatever intelligent characters in ink i see on the face of earth,from "To stop the train, pull chain",written in train to the paper which comes with bhel-puri.I am fast reader too, last book of 1200 pages in two weeks flat!
If you too want to read Autumn,either you buy it HERE
(No i am not getting any commission in this...)
Our D Poetess is very humble so put a lot of 'maskaa' to D Poetess (as I did), make some intelligent deals with her, hoping that she will give it to you for free!
read her poetry on her blog as an easy option...


endevourme said...

the pic is of some creeper on our terrace,
the flowers are very very delicate ones.... :-)

Aditi said...

The pic is beautiful as always
The passage dark and yet intriguing because it makes you want to know more..

Arti Honrao said...

Hey! Am already quite overweight! Cannot digest ne more maskas :)
If u wish I can email u the pic of d autumn tree I've used in pdf I gave ya :)
This pic is good too :)


endevourme said...

thank yu!
the book is interesting as well...
lot of unexpected twists and turns :-)

#arti honrao
WOW! we have the actual author here ....!!!
infact i am getting loads of alignment problems posting pictures here,,,
thank yu da :-)

Gangadhar said...

That seems interesting..Suspence,drama and romance!! wow great combination..'ll definitely try dis..

Nice pic too..

Has to be me said...

Nicely written & it is kinda scary too! Good job done by Arti.

endevourme said...

thank yu so much for coming here!
yes the story takes some really unexpected turns.....
keep coming :-)

#Has to be me
hey thank yu :-)
i am wondering wheather suspence/emotion/romance is more....

Rose said...

Hey this piece by Arti Honrao have also been shortlisted by the Worlds Greatest Novel..



How do we know said...

I have read that novel.. and quite liked it..its the kind of stuff thats "unputdownable"..

How do we know said...

oh,and yes.. lovely picture... one of the best!!

nirmala said...

hiyee...luvley pic..i like ths flowers ya they r delicate and u can c somany on the deliacte stems......and post is intresting...a bit suspense.....wud b nice to read the novel...iam gonna try...:-)

Rupali_Srivastava said...


love the pic, the random beauty of wild flowers!!

good job buddy

endevourme said...

yaa thats correct :-)
so now are there two great authors that know me....?

#how do we know
yaa really, but i put down many times, whenever my PM used to come ;-)
thank yu for visiting...

yup even touching them spoils them sometimes :-)

thank yu,
but whatever i shoot is already so beautiful,
i am just the guy who clicks the button :-)