Monday, November 13, 2006

grass n water...

Photo by - Endevourme
Some time back I read 'the Island Walkers', John Bemrose. Nice book.
Recently I read Iris Murdoch - 'The Green Knight' and 'the Bell'.
Both are amazing novels.
The characters seem so real...after finishing the book i couldnt grasp that they are just not real.

In The Green Knight, Moy, a teenage character, wants to be an artist.
She collects stones, she paints. She is sensitive, and so also vulnerable, delicate.
She lives in her own world, pretty similar to mine.

Somewhere in the novel she thinks -
Why do i collect stones...
Dont they also have their own destiny?
When i bring them home from the wild,
may be they miss the winds, the rains,
the dust, the grass.
Perhaps wild is their true home and other stones their friends,
do i have a right to interfere with their destiny?

Incidentally, at the end of novel Moy says -
when i turn 18, maybe i will go to India
where people believe that everything that exists has life
and every thing, though even small, is important...

well...may be thats why...i am in india... n i am happy :-)


endevourme said...

this pic too looks different on blog,
pls click to see the original one :-)

Aditi said...

hmm wlil have to click but i was gonna say it looks beautiful
just as the words are

Sujit said...

thats cool.. and nice pic..

Has to be me said...

Awesome pic there!

GuNs said...

Are these famous writers? Please excuse me for my ignorance but I come from a different background of literature lovers. What is it that makes you pick up a book and pay a price for it?


endevourme said...

#aditi sujit has to be me
thnk yu fr the words :-)

yup they are!!!
thats what is called hobby n there is no reason fr it...

Anonymous said...

beautiful pic and some great words!


Minal said...

Oh yes. India is THE country to be in... despite the many ills that it suffers with yet I love it , completely

GuNs said...

Naah man, what I meant is that when you go into a bookstore, there are thousands of books on the shelves. What makes you pick ONE up and buy that? I am sure you dont do the Eenie-meenie-miney-moe thing and pick one.

Do you read the back page for a summary, do you ask the shopkeeper about the book, do you go by book reviews in the newspapers?

I for one, just pick up books by authors that I know. The kind of books I read is a bit weird. I classify them as "books that were written before my grandfather was born" in layman's terms, CLASSICS.

I am in the UK now though, where most of the great novels I've read are set. I still see some familiarity in the buildings, the streets etc. Do check my blog for updates from the UK.


endevourme said...

thank yu :-)

well said :D

well, i dont actually buy books
but i read them from library.
how many books i will keep buying when i am reading one book per week? and what i will do with them...
anyway, thanks

MellowDrama said...

Gorgeous picture!! Hey I am trying to get my hands on a particular Iris Murdoch, now i will look out for the Green Knight as well. Strange na so many westerners look towards India for answers - from Eliot (Wasteland) to Maugham (read Human Bondage)...btw I think you will really like Maugham.

Anonymous said...

i love to read your blog...

Anonymous said... I would love to visit so very much~!

endevourme said...

hey thanks! i will try those ones for sure :-)

#anne bucoy
thank yu so much for dropping by,
keep coming :-)

#kuan gung
yes you are welcome , always :-)

Shankari said...


endevourme said...


nirmala said...

........beautiful..pic n words

.and every thing, though even small, is important.

true isnt it....

endevourme said...

thank yu :)