Sunday, November 26, 2006

At Peace...

Photo by - Endevourme

Swordsmanship's first achievement is the unity of man and sword
Once this unity is attained even a blade of grass can be a weapon

The second achievement is when the sword exists in one's heart
when absent from one's hand
One can strike an enemy at 100 paces
even with bare hands

Swordsmanship's ultimate achievement
is the absence of the sword
in both hand and heart
The swordsman is at peace
with the rest of the world
He vows not to kill and to bring peace to mankind

- Jet Lee in the movie HERO


endevourme said...

:-D some wild snap near to my home, in pune

Aditi said...

Interesting words
and as usual beautiful picture

GuNs said...

Awesome photo, once again. Awesome quote to go with it this time !

Well done, man.


Seema said...

Very inspiring words on ACHIEVEMENTS n PEACE !!

endevourme said...

#aditi guns and seema
thank yu soooo very much :-)

Anonymous said...

I've seen that movie is just great... the green in the photo is the greenest, green i remember have seen... very nice...

Anonymous said...

The soul of the sword...

chocolteluva said...

nice picture... and thought provoking words

endevourme said...

thank yu so much for coming here :-)

#kuan gung
yes, to restrain ourself, is biggest task isnt it?

thanks :-D

Shankari said...

As u can see, I am well-ed :)

endevourme said...

hehe thats great!

nirmala said...

ths r wildly grown...pic is beautiful and luks diff i mean shade of green ..was the climate cloudy?

endevourme said...

hmmm....mmmmm....i dont remember really :D
the pic i took loooong back naa..