Monday, January 01, 2007


Photo by - Endevourme

Why we think that it is necessory always to be happpy...?
and that we always need to have an opinion?
Do we always need to label everything we see as good or bad?
Do we always need to compare or judge when we meet a person?
Is it so much necessory for everyone to be always smart, young and beautiful?
Is it always necessory to pray when we see GOD, why not let him just be?

Why not just remove this burden of being perfect,
when we know that perfection is something impossible...?

Why not just accept that we are mortals, not GOD
and that being mortal is what makes us human...?


endevourme said...

the pic is a butterfly in our garden in pune :D!

Sujit said...

to accept is not to compare..! which we always do unfortunatly..!

dharmabum said...


too many questions u've asked. and me doesn't know the answer to all of them. putting it another way, i DON'T have an opinion on all of them. :)

but the first one - i particularly.

"Why we think that it is necessory always to be happpy...?"

the answer, imho, lies in the question itself. what happens when u r happy, ende? think about it? don't u feel good? well, isn't it natural to want to feel that way all the time?

happy year, btw!

endevourme said...

yup , true, and it happens so often, with everyone...

but thats altogather a burden,
its not compulsary to 'always' be happy, isnt it?

happy new year :D

dharmabum said...

nobody compels us to be happy, do they? i mean, u're sounding like its an external compulsion.

more often than not, the drive comes from within. in which case, it is a natural desire.

moreover, i think what we mean by happiness here is a certain sense of contentment, no?

chocolteluva said...

"Do we always need to label everything we see as good or bad?
Do we always need to compare or judge when we meet a person?"
well not judging is also taking a stand isnt it? by judging ure just taking a different type of a stand, but you are. i think what makes us humans is the fact that we judge, because u said it ure self, we're not perfect. judgment is just another human flaw. having opinions that we voice is also what makes us humans. if we didnt stand up for what we wanted, then i think we'd never prosper and flourish as a race.
secondly, "why we think it is necessary always to be happy?" who wants to be sad?? happiness releases natural endorphins in your body. we all strive to be happy... although, i think its ok to be sad. i think its almost necessary for one to be sad, so you can appreciate happiness.
sorry for the long comment.

Khushi said...

well, you have written the answer yourself in the last line :)

hmm, you seem pretty pensive on the new year, Happy New year :)

Kuan Gung said...

Yes...and just the moment...

endevourme said...

#dharmabum, pooja

i agree what you ppl say...but my point is - burden,
we want to be happy thats fine,
but if the situation is not perfect, we cant just stay neutral, we judge...
if we are not happy we are sad, why cant we just stand and just be appreciating
whatever we have or whatever we have got in the past?

if we are not able to manage our emotions,
and we label that just as 'human tendancy', we will never be able to change ourselves ..
for better, isnt it

welcome back :D!! so happy to see you!
i am not pensive , just reflecting :)

#kuan gung
thats one of my strongest point too :D!!
it just rocks always isnt it?

nirmala said...

sumtimes itiz sumtimes itiz not....but v gotta accept it in any way.........dats how life iz ..............sumtimes

endevourme said...

ya, its so much fun naa either way :D!!