Thursday, January 18, 2007


Photo by - Endevourme

I dont know with what instinct i wrote my past few posts, but they had something to do with the future. Future that exists today, in my own life. I try not to write anything personal on my blog so please forgive me for the limited information i present here.

Now i dont even remember how it started. It makes me shiver even to think of these days, the days of darkness and dispair. Like a curse, this one dark black thing ruled our home, our family.
It ruled every aspect of our existance,suffocating every bit of life. Every moment of joy had its shadow. It was like a sad melancholy, a haunted symphony running in background. And we struggled, sometimes standing, many times failing. We kept ourselves, a duty, that we must live. We lost unlimited other things, priceless things which will never come back.
This curse ruled us for eleven years...
A few days back, for second time in my entire life, i said this to HIM,"This time you are not going to fail me..."
Yesterday, i got the call,"We won!". I couldnt at first speak for a few minutes. So much joy, so much relief...
Finally the spell was broken... by another much stronger spell.
Now i am learning, to live without this burden. Slowly trying to forget that the war is over and its time to heal.
The dark, cold night is receding...and there is faint reddish glow on horizon.
Certainly...nothing lasts forever...not even bad times.


endevourme said...

same place, tanjawar temple :D!!

Aditi said...

beautiful shot... and i am glad its over and the gloom lifted..

dharmabum said...


sounds like black magic - spooky stuff u've written :(

chocolteluva said...

=) glad its all over and that you came out to the other side smiling. never believed in "spells" or something like that until i had a weird experience myself..

Kuan Gung said...

Yes! and nice pic!

deepsat said...

your conclusion is right!! and thats what we shud always keep in mind!!

nice pic!


endevourme said...

yes, thanks

hehe, ya it was sad indeed, thank GOD its over!

hey thanks, ur experience..?

#kuan gung
thank yu so much :D!!

thank yu Da...

Sophie said...

your writing was a whisper of a
haunted symphony -

and the photo is splendid -


dharmabum said...


whadya mean its over?
meaning u really went thru all that? glad u've come outa it. haven't directly experienced these spells myself, but i do believe in them, and i also believe that with faith, we can oversome them, however tough.
take care. warm hugs to u :)

endevourme said...

thanks Da :D!!

thank you so much for the hugz!
and curse is symbolic,
at one level i believe on other level i dont ...
its just a matter of convinience :)
anyway we made it and made it good.

chocolteluva said...

hmm least to say, i had one bad thing happen after the other - was sick with a flu, the day my flu was over i got a fungal infection on my chin, the day that was over, i got mononucleosis (just a common college kissing flu), the day that was over - my books and keys got stolen from the library, when i was on my way to file a police report, people broke into my dorm room and stole everything else, the very next day i sprained my ankle and was limping thru college, i gave my finals without text books or notes from the whole semester, barely passed the classes,
i came home to spend summer with family, within a week i burned the back of my thigh and was bed ridden for a month, after that was over i ended up getting 104-105 fever and almost was taken to the hospital

that was my whole year from august of 2001 to august of 2002..
bad spell or coincidence? you tell me

GuNs said...

A court case?


endevourme said...

yup, but i dont know why, it doesnt happen to me,
my life is extremly predictable...why so ?...

nope...strictly personal haha :-)

chocolteluva said...

wait - how is ure life predictable. sometimes thats not bad.. dont be sad that bad things dont happen to u. THATS A GOOD THING =)

endevourme said...

ya i didnt say thats bad :)

nirmala said...

i think tanjawar is beautiful place beautiful temples....beautiful snap..:-)

nothing lasts forever dats true ...not even bad times

endevourme said...

ya it luvly to visit :)