Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lead lady

Photo courtesy - Van Heusen

When I was young they told me to sit straight. To sit still, To sit in a corner, To sit with my legs together, To sit with my legs crossed, To sit demurely, To sit with my shoulders squared, To sit with my chest out, To sit with my head down, To sit quietly, To sit so as not to attract attention, To sit with the girls, To sit in a row, To sit on the back seat, To sit and not to stand, To sit because others were sitting, To sit and just listen.
Now , Nobody sits till I do.

This is Van-Heusen ad in Times of India. Many things apply to me except the last one because I am still very young. The Lead Lady in my family is still my grandmother. After independence things have changed a lot. Fortunately grandpa kept the business running even after losing estates to the government. He keeps me asking 'why you have to work there?'. Its not that I am needed there as business is handled by dad n brothers. But some day I will have to go back to 'The Family' but as of now, enjoying freedom :-)


chocolteluva said...

hmm i was told to do many of those things.. cause its what "properly behaved girls do".
i remember being a tom boy growing up and not following alot of things. hehe.. always wore shorts underneath the uniform whether i had P.E (gym) that day or not.. so i could sit however i wanted..

i like the post though... interesting, brings back good/bad memories from school years..

Endevourme said...

ya correct! it suits u very well, so much pride i think ur name suits u well 'asmita'

nirmala said...

hey asmitha intresting post :D..nice to c ur posts again n luvly pictures..i too remember i hve experienced all ths hehe:) i agree vt Chocolteluva ...cuz its wat "properly behaved girls do "dats wat parents say ....

Keshi said...

I dun follow rules that stray me from being me.


Asmita said...

thanks dear,
btw in my case it was bit too strict!
how to sit is OK, how to talk how to eat how to drink blah blah...

thank yu for the compliments :-)

hehe interesting post haa...?

strong girl, keshi.

Deepthi said...

now no one sits till u do and that is one hellava thing to achieve 2 young age love...hope u rock the business and be the leading lady there....

lavanya said...

hey! Nice. Feel like we have a connection already. :)

Mellowdrama said...

ha neat ad. Btw what do you mean 'you don't have to work?" Neither do I, but the option of sitting at home and hatching eggs doesn't really appeal to me. Btw I hate television, and I can't possibly read all day - I HAVE to work, else I will go outta my mind. Take advice only when it is thoreau once said that he has never heard a single piece of useful advice from an older person hahahahah

Asmita said...

haha..hope so ..Thanks :-)

hey thanks! i too think the same, especially because of this post :-)

ya true, i wanted to work because i wanted to see if i can at all do anything on my own,
and thats a good thing, i am earning enough n enjoying life :-)

Sujit said...

its a way to be yourself as you want to be without boundaries.. but still attached to the roots :)

Asmita said...

haha no its not like that :-)
there are some pluses and minuses of it

diyadear said...

very nic ad.. thanks for sharing

Asmita said...

thank yu :-)