Monday, April 09, 2007


Photo by - Endevourme

Please forgive me if you dont understand this post.
More than six months have passed after i wrote this. And I am realizing that there can be many more dimensions to confusion. Life has started coming nearer and nearer to me but its also becoming more and more strange. Things which were too obvious to me have started looking like preplanned coincidences. There is too much change and too much warmth surrounding me. So i am afraid. Life has become like a drawn bow, I fear that it will fall apart. There is a soft tension, like a taut string. And it vibrates. I can almost feel its sound running on in the background. Till now i considered my life as normal but seems it was not. There was still much more activity going on in the background always, for me. And now i am just becoming aware of it. Life has always supported me, for basic need, that of survival.
But this goodness sometimes stays remote from me. It stands away and just stares at me and then my heart pains. I feel like a child away from its mother. It erodes me, like waves of ocean taking out land, bit by bit, eating it away. But may be that is what life wants from me. To erode away things which are not real.

Life supports life, and i think i am realizing it.


Endevourme said...

pic is sunset in pune, and a neem tree near my house :D

Aditi said...

hmm glad to see a picturefrom u..
Sometimes its hard to understand what is real and what isnt.. why things are happening.. sometimes even quite what exactly is happening. The way i see it, it would be quite boring if we knew all the answers eh? Life is abt living and learning

david santos said...

Thanks for you work, very nice, and have a good week.

Keshi said...

I dun u'stand this post...forgiven!


Sujit said...

things happen for a reason :) and waiting for reason is a paining process.. :)... but there is something to learn in each and everything..

Deepthi said...

life stands right there waiting for you to mould it in your own way.When we sad or feel cheated it never looks bright.I guess I knw it,cause I can hear what u sayin...

ashish soni said...

got a lil bit wat u said
you have phrased the words beautifully...

dharmabum said...

we're all afraid of change, aren't we? fearlessness is one mighty challenge, my dear friend. its only upto us to take life head on!

beautiful picture!

Shankari said...

like i said last time too- who'd read if there r such lovely pics?

keep clicking :)

Endevourme said...

thank yu :D
hmm...i am not familier with happy adventures naa..

#david santos
man with 400+ comments! wow!
i liked that pic of urs hehe
thank yu for coming by :D

ya we learn and we grow, i am thousand years old now hehe :D

u say u understand?
even i havent really understood hehe..

#ashish soni
thank yu da, keep coming :D

err...afraid...whos afraid? hehe
thank yu :D

thank yu so much da,
maybe thats y ppl r not reading my blg :D!!

Deepthi said...

I sed that cause I heard a very sad voice when read the post...and i was depressed an doutta my mind on something so i sed that ...lolz

nirmala said...

hmmm.."life tells u nuthing it shows u evrything "do u remember ths line :D...evrything happens for a reason da ...n this is how v learn....... .u hve written beautifuly and nice pic of neem tree....:)

Endevourme said...

this post is not sad at all hehe :D

how i will forget Da,
ya thats how we learn and thats how we grow...