Saturday, May 26, 2007

Making curry...

Photo by - Endevourme
We eat curry, all of us do. If you dont then probably you live a life where everything is different and whatever i am writing may not make sense to you.
The world we live in has lot of people. Too many of them. Some of them know how to prepare curry and only few can make a tasty one. To make a tasty curry you need to get the formula right. You need vegetables, you need spices, you need salt etc etc. And you need the right proportion.
There are some good things about the world we live in. One of such good things is that the principle of proportion which works for curry, also works for our life. Instead of vegetables, spices n salt etc we have family, career, god etc etc and remember that proportion and balance is more important than the ingredients themselves.
Amazingly, its very easy to make bad curry than a good curry and also that these days nobody wants to do easy things. And also if few people can make good curry then few people can make good life. Check others, if their curry is spoilt then may be you have a good chance. There is something more special about curry. Smaller the quantity better the taste. So prepare your curry only as much as you need. Dont overdo. And dont take everything seriously as overcooking your curry also spoils it. Already feel that your curry is spoilt? doesnt matter cause very few people make it better than you have done and few people have life worth calling life.
When i started making my curry i had something in mind but it went bad somewhere but i did some manipulation and now its some different kind of curry. But its tasty. Tastier than what i had in mind when i started making it. And it was fun. It wouldnt be fun if we start with a formula and everything goes smooth isnt it? it would be so predictable and boring, like cooks in hotels, they make tasty food but they hardly like it. I think being cook is like being god, its so boring being god. And yes, taste is what we want isnt it? how easily we forget that our main aim in life is to be happy!


Endevourme said...

hehe...the pic is a plant in my house in pune

shweta said...

beutiful pic ;)
but on an afterthought,dosent taste makes our world a lil more happy..yup we can live on peanuts nd be happy...but then the hope of smething better is thr harping in our little hearts,wat say???

Shankari said...

I don't make curry. Just eat it with relish.

Endevourme said...

yaya u r correct n i am also saying the same thing naa :D!!

i dont make curry either hehe :D!!
i know how to cook maggie, tea, coffee thats all!

Anonymous said...

@hummm.....which curry is this ? :P :P
Curry Maggie ? :D :D :D

Aam khao..enjoy karo ..guthaliyon se kya kaam :)))

Cathy said...

What a wonderful metaphor; I am going to borrow this analogy in the future; it could come in handy, so thank you!
We don't prepare curry where I live, but there are many people who spend a lot of money going to fancy resturants to buy a good one from exotic restaurants. This is typical of "my part of the world"; pay money for it!...Maybe one day I will learn how to make a good curry.

Pritika Gupta said...

well ur post made me feel hungry..n i prepared good curry today..;)

smrtnhuggble said...

interesting analogy, definitely a first. BUT I LIKE IT..
i did too start out making my "curry" a certain way - turned out blah, and im working on a new recipe, lets see if it works. so far smells pretty good.

Deepthi said...

woweee i never thought of curry in such a way...and u bet tasty curry and a tasty life...just add your own spices and make the recipe for life!!!

Seema said...

Ahhh...curry n life...that was a cool comparison ! Yeah finally we are all responsible for the curries we make! Ownership is so important...good or bad...its one's own !

Endevourme said...

maggie curry? good idea this is, u tried haa? hehe

thank yu thank yu :D
just crazy little ideas i keep getting...

#pritika gupta
haha, can i join in? me too hungry :D

welcome here, hey smell is first sign of good curry haa :D

haha spicing up haa?

ya its our own,
it reminded a few lines-
andheraa paagal hain,
kitnaa ghaneraa hain,
chubhtaa hain,
dasataa hain,
phir bhi woh meraa hain,
uski hee godi mein sar rakhhke sonaa hain,
uski hee baahon mein chup ke se ronaa hain,
aankhon se kaajal ban,,,behtaa andheraa.......

chocolteluva said...

no need to welcome smrtnhuggble -- it is me.. chocolteluva!! or well either way - these both names -- its me pooj!! hehe

Endevourme said...

i didnt know that
so i am taking back my welcome hehe :D!!

mademoiselle P said...

a beautiful pic; a text with a very important idea which we forget often :S and this is very regrettable.. so thanks to put it in front of our eyes :)

smrtnhuggble said...

hahha... thought so ;)..

dharmabum said...

arrey banata to koi aur hai - kaun hai Woh?

and u forgot - u can make it with meat too :P

Endevourme said...

thank yu fr coming here :D
keep comin hehe


i do :D!!
i mean 'i do run things here' hehe

n i am a veggie.
btw there are ppl who make their life at others expense, maybe meat is fr their curry, not for me :D!!
i am vegetarian by choice n not for religion n all

dharmabum said...

by choice huh? well i'm veggie too, primarily coz i was brought up that way. and then when i had a choice - and i tried eating some of the animals (quite a few, actually) - i found it impossible - coz the 'mind' would just not accept it and would finally result in the tummy bringin it all out.

Endevourme said...

gud hehe :D!!

Cindrella said...

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Endevourme said...


Rasika Mahabal said...

beautiful analogy,
life and curry!