Monday, May 14, 2007 life

Photo by - Endevourme

We keep running for many things in life thinking that what we are doing is correct. And then after some time we feel that no this is not enough its not taking me anywhere and i am just not happy. And then we look inside and we think spirituality is the key and we start running behind beliefs and theories. But again we are running. Running...running...running...
i too did the same. i was running because others were running. i knew that nobody else is happy but no i didnt want to listen and i kept going and going. Somewhere down the line i was exhausted i was dead tired and i stopped. Then i looked back and found that i was much more happy at the place i began and i was just being so stupid running all this time. May be...purpose of life is just life and nothing else and just because we need some drama, we keep looking for some other purpose in life. The happiest person i have seen in my life was my great-grandmother and she was happy because she was always fully commited to life. When i stopped running and became more involved in life i am finding that yes this is what i wanted and the most courageous and purposeful thing is to face and accept life as it is, to accept neither positively nor negatively but as it is. We love nature, why because its so full of life, its so juicey, so involved and so committed. There is so much love and so much power. Its real cause real love is never weak, its always strong. Powerful, nurturing and self sufficient.


Endevourme said...

the pic is neem tree in front of my house in pune :D!!

Aditi said...

very interesting idea...

Miss Iyer said...

Nice photo Ende. You live in Pune?

"Powerful, nurturing and self sufficient." I guess all of us should start learning from them someday! :)

Deepthi said...

ha salute to is good that realised donned and it is good that we stopped running.i have thrwn my running shoes way!

Endevourme said...

thank yu

#miss iyer
ya mah native is pune, currently in bangalore :D
thank yu :D!!

thank yu da, i she is real inspiration for me :D

Sujit said...

i dont think nature has a choice to run-away? so they are commited?

dharmabum said...

i still think spirituality is they key. and spirituality, imho, isn't about beliefs and theories. theories are just trigger points. from there on, we chart our own course. the key of course, is to turn the focus from the outside to the inside. the discovery that there is life just a sbig, if not much vaster somewhere deep within. then it doesn't matter even if we are running...

Endevourme said...

ya i think u r correct, so that becomes the only purpose :D

well...i beg to differ..
we exit one phase of complexities to enter another....isnt it?
and no spiritual practice ever guarantees results and why getting results is always so difficult?
just a way of internalizing the problem nothing else, and we should not go for spiritual solutions for psychological problems what many ppl do..

Shruti said...

Its lovely dear..
Invloved with the life and enjoying it fully is the most wonderful thing..
And we all have forget that and keep running for nowhere to go..
Take care..

chocolteluva said...

very nice picture..
secondly, i guess you are right. whats the point in running away from things when its just easier to stop and face the truth - and live life as it is.
running away doesnt change circumstances. although, i also think that running gives you time to just clear ure thoughts, rationalize. when ure in chaos, its hard to think.. running gives you the time to come to terms with some things - sometimes that time is much needed so we dont make harsh and rash decisions..

i like facing and living life.. but sometimes i also like running

Endevourme said...

thanks Da, ya thats correct and yes thanks for coming here :D!!

hmm..i think i agree with yu
interestingly, when u said we run because it gives us time to think i felt like we run because we are afraid...its like war u know when we run just to survive and to think of life later,,but wat are we afraid of?

Shankari said...

your blog is a pleasure- a comforting pleasure of solace and quiet


Endevourme said...

quiet OK :D
but solace?

dharmabum said...

well, every man to himself!

let alone spiritual practice - is there ANYTHING in this world that guarantees results? the only thing we can be sure of is death, if u ask me!

again for me, viewing spirituality as a mere 'solution to our problems' is limiting the very idea. it is simply, the quest for the Truth, the limitless. and it can only be understood by an inquiring mind :)

Endevourme said...

but...but...funnily enough, we are still asking the wrong question
answers apart,fist the question has to be right, isnt it?

chocolteluva said...

yes.. ure right.. i think we do run because we're afraid. i think we're afraid of reality? the decisions we have to make.. and how it effects us and ppl around us.. growing up.. being responsible for not only u but others around u..

dharmabum said...

so, what is the question ende, do u know?

Endevourme said...

ya maybe, i think when we grow up naa we feel that we are capable of handling things but in fact we are not. we cant manage ourselves emotionally and we just keep pretending things. pretending to be what we are not and we are also afraid that the truth might come out, then people will see the real weak and incapable person...

till now what i found is this-
that there is no question. seeking for question is an illusion.
if i find anything else i will let u know... :D

dharmabum said...

hey ende,

we're not seeking for questions. we're seeking for answers man!

Endevourme said...

but dharma.,,, where is the question? to find the answers we first need a question naa...:D!!