Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smiling buddha - part II

Photo courtesy - Google
My version of smiling buddha :D
I smile a lot and i smile naturally, i mean very few times i force myself a smile. When i was a kid, my first set of teeth was very bad. I used to look really funny when smiling. But finally i got good teeth like my mother has. Have you ever seen a sweet girl in bangalore with loong silky hair, cool dark black eyes and traditional clothing?
If she is smiling then may be its me!
When i first saw this picture, to my surprise, i found myself smiling!
How about you? How often you smile?


dharmabum said...

lucky u. maybe i shud learn too, me i don't smile too often. not that i sulk, i'm just ...neutral. but rite now, as i am writing this and reflecting on it all, i am of course smiling :)

thanks for making me smile!

Aditi said...

i didnt notice that this post was by you asmita, and was taken back to think of endu as a girl with long black hair etc...
lets just say the momentary confusion made me smile as well

Endevourme said...

haha, style diva asmita :D!!

u called me 'endu'
???????????? :D!!

How do we know said...

i did.. while reading ur post, and the photograph, definitely!

other than that.. umm.. when i m reading a nice, heartwarming book (like these days), when the baby kicks, every episode of Karan Johar show..and some blogs!

nirmala said...

haha this is nice post :D brt smile on my face :)....hmm i too often smile u can c me smiling often....

Shruti said...

Smile is the best thing we can give to anybody and its great the keep on smiling..

Take care

Aditi said...

i didnt feel like typing the whole thing
whoops.. hope u didnt mind

chitra said...

Nice , cute one.

Keep smiling and may you never get to cry.

Sujit said...

smiling buddha.. brings smile.. :)..! oh! i think thats the reason bangalore has so many traffic jams..! people looking at yours smile?

Endevourme said...

its OK naa,
ppl call me 'ende' naa thats fine :D! but 'endu' sounds more like 'anda' or something hehe

Asmita said...

thank yu, u shud smile more :)

u made me laugh this time :D


which book?

:D :D! :D!!!

ya thats true, thanks!

thanks for the wishes!

haha u too made me laugh!

Sujit said...

buddha effect .. hehe

priya said...

Most often:))

chocolteluva said...

hahha JUST LIKE aditi, i didnt notice that the post was by you asmita, hahaha..
i started thinking "omg, this whole time i kept thinking endevourme was a guy - was i wrong"
utterly confused - i was about to write a comment on the picture and skip the whole long hair and black eyes descriptione. PHEW, thank god i noticed it was you ..
yes -- did have a smile after that. haha, and found it even more funny that aditi did the same.

Kuan Gung said...

keep the smile..

Maddie said...

I can't keep the smile off my face lately
actually - I also have a smiling budda -
he is rather tubby and sits beside my
jewellery case with this happy little smile:)

hugs:) thankyou for sharing your picture!

Aditi said...

I know it sounds like that which is y i came up with when i was laughing at the situation..

Asmita said...

haha, thats a nice name :)

keep smiling, more often :)

hahahaha, sisters alike, :)

kuan gung,

haha, keep smiling :)


Cindrella said...

I smile very often.
I believe "smile and the world will smile with u" So keep smiling and spread the message......

Asmita said...

thanks :)