Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seasons gone...

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Memoirs of last rainy season.

So much i have changed in this one year. And now these pics seem so remote to me. I wonder whether it was really me who took these and whether i was really present there at all. I feel so transparent, i pass through unhurt and indifferent. I just exist, with the wind, with the rains, with the sun and to do nothing but just breathe. Like Ayn Rand says "Feels like nothing significant happened because nothing significant ever happened on earth." But it feels so serene. To be calm, unhurt and innocent.


chocolteluva said...

"Feels like nothing significant happened because nothing significant ever happened on earth."
hmmm interesting thought. i believe it, because you can go through life mundane and what not.. its not until you do something random and "exciting" that you feel that GUSH of energy or the butterflies or whatever.
ive always said.. your life is the sum of all the experiences uve had and make everyday an adventure.
=)... serene is very nice, but i wouldnt want it all the time. hehehe everyone hopes for a life without drama, but when you think about it, life without drama would be TOOO BORING.

Art said...

the pics seem so nice.. very calm indeed.. But to enjoy this calmness better, we have to be away from this :)

Madelyn said...

Your post was beautiful and carried a note to
it that is so different to the way I feel in live -
I wish I could be like you - so light...
so free...but I feel things sooo intensely -
straight from God - Whooosh!

I guess I should meditate more - well,
those subime peaceful photo's of yours are
just like a meditation:)

have a luminous day :)
thankyou for the little gallery breeze in your

Aditi said...

i have been thinking abt the last six months too lately...
the more the things change.. sometimes the more they remain the same

Miss Iyer said...

Very very neat indeed Ende. These were taken a year back you say? Well, what I can say, the monsoon sure makes everything look sexy, doesn't it? :)

I see that your photography skills have come a long way too. Good luck!

Endevourme said...

i like it that way, its just too good to exist :D, it was my dream u know to live like this n when its becoming real like naa i still find it difficult to believe it. there are other problems still but then who doesnt have...hehe

yaya we have to go faar faar away...:D!

hey its not like that, i too feel life intense only naa :D

but.. but...then thats not really change naa :D

#miss iyer
thank yu thank yu :D

Michelle said...

wow, beautiful pictures!

chitra said...

'mausum aate jaate hain;yaadein rah jate hain"

Shankari said...

Hi Ende! Howz uz?

Endevourme said...

thank yu so much for coming here :D
keep coming!

u remind me of that song!
ya but yaadein have to be good to remember otherwise forgetting is better :D

hehe nothing important happened cause nothing important ever happened :D