Sunday, July 22, 2007


Photo Courtesy - Google

I want to stand right there on that bridge, then throw a rope down and save him.


Asmita said...

now dont ask 'whom' i am trying to save here!
lolZ :)

Aditi said...

why save 'him' why not a 'her'?

chitra said...

Highly optimistic!!

Do you think you would be able to save yourself and also save him Anyway, no harm trying. go ahead!!

dharmabum said...

what if the 'he' in question does not wanna b saved anyways?

GuNs said...

That is a SUPERB photo. The best I've seen on this blog since a long time (and I do see some amazing photos up here all the time).

What camera, what settings?


Asmita said...

huh! if given option i will think before saving 'her' cause first i have to save myself haha :)

thanks! hope so :)

hmmm thats the problem currently, btw how did u guess ?

nope! this post is by me asmita, photo i searched out on google :)

Deepthi said...

hmm lets say the he is just out there swimming or jumped in for the adreline rush???????

dharmabum said...


don't ask my dear friend...i been there, done that, and attempted to be 'saved' time and time again. bums, u see :)

Art said...

seems so calm.. something like.. silence before the thunder :)
Hope u save urself and the other person!!

Asmita said...

hah! still i will save him,,,, from adrenaline rush :)

debum, u r expereinced :)

thank yu, hope i do :)