Sunday, July 01, 2007

My dream place

Photo Courtesy - Wiki
I wish to be here. I got this pic from endevourme. He says this is mangalore. I have been to lot of places. I have spent almost five months for vacations in europe and few months in africa with my uncle. But the places that i really enjoy are Egypt and ofcourse India. After seeing everything I know really that India is !ncredible really :)


chocolteluva said...

omg.. this is beautiful =).. its pictures like these that should be published in the national geographic instead of the poverty and the slums. sad, the outside world never gets to see how pretty india and its cities really are..
they only see the "bad".

Aditi said...

pretty.. almost thought it was kerela.. never been to mangalore myself

dharmabum said...

mangalore is beautiful. in fact, all of dakshni kanara is. especially the girls ;)

Miss Iyer said...

Beautiful pic. My dream place too, some place calm and serene; much away from the maddening city life. Its strange, cos I love the fact of traveling around Europe too (especially Paris, cos there's something mystique about that place that all writers write about!) AND Egypt, I absolutely want to visit Egypt once at least in my life.

But of course come back to India and live in the backwaters. ANY backwater :)

Shruti said...

beautiful pic and truely said, india is really incridible..

take care

Sujit said...

india is incredible.. but we ourself's don't know what is there and what is not there..! :(..

Madelyn said...

India is my heart's home - so I

samrina said...

Nice pic!

Take care

Asmita said...

ya thats correct, they should potray these things :)

do come sometime, its really good :)

thanks :)

miss iyer,
ya i too love backwaters :)
we will go sometime.

thanks dear :)

yes thats right :)

yes dear, you are welcome :)

thank you :)

Arti Honrao said...

So peaceful!


Anonymous said...

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