Sunday, December 16, 2007

5 people & 4 lifejackets(sitting in desert)

Photo by - Endevourme
What is the meaning of life?I have been searching searching and searching answer of this and consequently getting more and more confused. Is it happiness, love, self realization, self actualization(whats the difference? why cant they make it simple?)spiritual self-identification, etc etc is a good one from Ludwig Wittgenstein -
What is the meaning of life?
Expressed in language, the question is meaningless. This is because "meaning of x" is a term in life usually conveying something regarding the consequences of x, or the significance of x, or that which should be noted regarding x, etc. So when "life" is used as "x" in the term "meaning of x", the statement becomes recursive and therefore nonsensical.


Endevourme said...

tiny-winy yellow flowers! in our garden in pune :D!!

dharmabum said...

i don't know if the question is more confusing or that ludwig-whatever's explanation :P

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

The meaning of life is to discover what the meaning is for you.
Love all your photos!
Keep carving out a beautiful life.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...
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Endevourme said...

haha...its not that difficult after all :D

ya thats correct i think, but still we all should have a common aim naa...
thank you :D!!

Miss Iyer said...

I didn't care to read what he said, but the pic is lovely Ende :)

Endevourme said...

#miss iyer
hehe but what he said is good, not that bad :D!!
thank yu!

Pritika Gupta said...

hmm..came to ur blog after long..found it full of good pics..but y these strange titles ?

Sorabh Raina said...

such a simple queston and what a complicated answer
love ur pics
i am a total fan

n_i_d_h_i said...

Hey….this x theory is quite difficult …
Well I feel that when we are not happy we start searching for life and its various meaning ……and when we are back in our happy world we forget our longing for the search for life………life is a path or is it a goal, that we have to achieve …this is what we have to decide…what say?
Nice post n pic :)

Endevourme said...

#pritika gupta
hmm...that is to express what goes on in the background :D its also a part of my blog now!

#sorabh raina
hey buddy! thank yu so much for the compliments :D!!

hmmm...may be you are correct...i am too inexperienced to talk abt this :D!!