Friday, March 21, 2008


Photo Courtesy - Google
E'me has told to write 6 random things about myself. He told me this is called tag in blogsworld. So here we go! enjoy maadi :-)
1. I own two horses. Alex and Nikki. Yes, these names come from 'Fullhouse', my all time favourite! They are with my dad now along with 6 of his own.
2. I met my hubby 2 months back and now it seems like a long time. TeeHee!.
3. I hate all men who try to give emotional support just because i am away from my hubby. I dont need them, perhaps they do. Sometimes i wish i werent as good looking as i am now.
4. I have 19 pairs of footwear. I never wear most of them!
5. My dad is the most important man in my life. Hubby comes next HeeHee :)
6. When i was young, i used to dream of being a housewife like my mom. Guess it will never come true!
I have been told that after this i have to tag someone. I would love to do this but i dont know anyone here, so whoever wants can take it happily :)


chethan said...

wow. Beautiful photograph! Serene colors!!

Endevourme said...

oh u did it! gud gud :D!!
btw this blg is updated every monday, forgot haa?

Asmita said...

it was googled out!
thanks for visiting :)

who is blog admin here? forgot? :)

gunj said...

u hav two horses n u call thm alex n nikki!
hw cool is dat!
i love full house...n those kids were d most adorable twinz eva!

Asmita said...

thanks for visiting :)
yep! i planned that years before actualling getting them HeeHee

vEENs said...

sweet.. lil things abt u!

like the pic.. wow!

and if u want that template.. u can have it actually :)

Asmita said...

arey nahin baba! e'me will spank the daylight out of me if i change the template!
thanks for visiting :)

Pri said...

loved the pic...
and heyy tag very nicely executed! :)


Ankur said...

u know i m visiting ur blog for the first time, but i dont feel like a stranger.
specially the pics u have choosen all over ur blog, the choice is just amazing.
Nice look of the blog. :)

Talkin abt the post...

19 pairs of footwear... wat u do with all this :P
dad is the most important man in ur life, and in my case, my parents too... they mean the most to me... :)

Nice Post!!!

Cinderella. said...

Chumma Too many footwear,eh ? !!

I realised that when I shifted here, coz all my space was already eaten up (with dresses, dresses, dresses...) and I had to make another luggage for them alone !!

And I had to sneak them into my room & pack them in the middle of the night, so mom-dad wouldnt fuss over them, and make me leave some back !!

That was the first day in my life when I hated it to have so many pairs, and never really wear most of them...

Same pinch !

Asmita said...

thanks fr visiting! i was thinking it was done properly or not, i am new here haa :)

/-Nice look of the blog. :)
well...well...i think most of the credit goes to e'me TeeHee

ya 19 pairs and i think almost all of them are recent! i never use things for more than a year :)

yup daddy...but after marriage priorities should change haa..:)

same happened to me after marriage! my hubby was stunned to see the luggage on aircanada! lol
sweet honey...he made me keep everything here with i bought everything new once i have two full wardrobes at both places HeeHee :)

Solitaire said...

hey!! u own horses? serious!?

And I can totally identify with "I wish I were not good looking!"

Asmita said...

yup dear, and dad has 6!
dad's are fully grown ups now, mine are still quite young so :|

dad keeps them for me, we have professionals there haa :)

Rasika Mahabal said...

what a lovely pic