Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Why so many colors?

Photo Courtesy - Google

It was a week before the markets crashed. I was talking to daddy on phone about what should be the theme for his bought-for-cheap-now-being-renovated hotel at jaipur. He always asks me about aesthetics and stuff like that and values my opinions more than my dear bro's. Suddenly he became serious and asked in grave voice,'Asmi you did quite well in the past one year and i am very happy, you know, i always felt you too had that sense of what is good'. The fact was I did lot of humpty dumpty investments initially without asking him and finally ended up wasting some of my hard earned salaried money. I bootstrapped and was doing good for almost a year now and this was the first time dad was appreciating me. 'But beta it is bit tricky now and this time you have to do as i say', he said. I became cautious, when he is serious he means it. He fired some rapid instructions as to what to keep what to sell and all that. I took the day off and started doing just exactly as he had said. Its bit difficult you know to do transactions with different currencies for indian markets sitting in canada. Hubby happened to check our account in the afternoon and he become worried. He called me up and asked,'what are you upto?'. I just said,'dad told dear'. He said,'ok, go ahead'. The thing is though my hubby is quite young-and-lucky-notsoproud-but-succesful businessman, he is afraid of my dad. Quite so. Might be because dad has capacity to feed us and our next 7 generations happily, if he decides to. After a week or so the markets collapsed but we were already on the safer side. When i talked to hubby after that he just said,'hmmm... i knew that would happen'. Simply men, cant help them with their ego.

But my dad rarely becomes serious like this with me. Before marriage when i was pathetically-working-all-day-to-get-middleclass-salary and then throwing all money down the drain on silly-immature-market-speculation, he kept cool. As I am very proud girl (my name also implies that :)) , i wouldnt tell dad that i lost money so stupidly but ultimately he used to find out everything from my mother. He never discussed it though, he would just see that i am sad and then he would pull me out to play golf. He looks you know like a high cultured raymond-complete-man who was born-to-play-golf! But he was not born like that, i know, and mom knows better :)


onlyshruti said...

Aww Asmita! But that's what dads aer for - to make the pain that his little girl feels go away! Mine is like that too - simply amazing! Maybe thats what hubby dearest realizes as well!

Asmita said...

hey thanks for visiting yaar :)
ya simply amazing naa? it takes realy so much patience you know to bear grown up kids like us! sometimes we talk so harsh and we dont even realize that we are hurting them but even then they are always there, so sweet naa?

Endevourme said...

asmi, where do you find such pics da? u hv born aesthetic sense i agree but these pics are giving me complex...!

d SINNER!!! said...

awesome pic...

Asmita said...

haha but you will improve naa :)

as i told it was googled, i use imagesearch :)

gunj said...

the last line of ur post reminds me of smething i read..."the only man fit to inherit wealth is the one who does not need it, he will make it for himself"

Asmita said...

you ayn rand fan kya?

mathew said...

nice post..

I have always felt Dad's are under appreciated for our bringing up..They dont give away anything explicitly..For that matter mybe more in a dad-son relation..but they love their children as much as mother's do..and your post is a tribute to that..

Pri said...

awww...we'll always remain our daddy's lil girl wont we? :)

awesome pic...

Asmita said...

ya dats rite, moms are always appreciated but dads too have a real good share in bringing us up!
thanks for visiting mathew :)

HeeHee dats so true!
sweet sweet daddies naa?!