Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spice n Curry!

Photo Courtesy - Google

Today was my final day of lunch-at-office - I did not bring lunch from home the whole of this week because the mom-cook-alike maid is not well. And since I love experimenting, I think that you have to eat at least small amount of food outside once in a while to realize the worth of home-cooked food! I am not good at cooking thanks to first my mom and then to mom-cook-alike maid who cooks for us here in canada. These people have pampered me with their delicious-consistent home-made-food and now i am afraid how i will survive if left alone. After waking up from one-hour-seemingly-never-ending meeting at office, I headed to Mirchi, an indian-canadian restaurant that happens to be just around the corner. Handling hunger-pangs at midday was ordinary, but ruminating as to what to eat for lunch was special. So, today was no exception with respect to this strangeness as I seriously gave a thought to the menu for lunch. As I am identity-less daughter of mom-north-indian-dad-south-indian parents, I am not typically against anything in indian food. After running through thick-leather-multipaged-menu, finally, I settled for the good old exotic bengali fish curry meal. Sadly, I managed to finish it off in 10 minutes and went again for a second round with aaloo paratha with pickle!. Even this was not enough so i went back to thick-leather-multipaged-menu, ignoring irritating glance from waiter thinking she-looks-so-lean-how-can-she-eat-so-much. As it was supposed to be quick lunch, I ordered thick tall glass of fruit salad with two scoops icecream for a round of dessert. I tend to take pleasure in whatever I eat and I have no care about it. But if you imagine me licking fingers and all stuff, let me clarify - no, i dont do all that. Being brought up in a high family, I can eat like a high-class girl outside and enjoy it too. So, here I was, savoring every spoon of my sweet mouth watering dessert and lost in my own world when I happened to see the table opposite mine. A German guy there was taking in the scene before him, with a most amused expression. At these moments my mind snaps to handle-a guy-staring-at-you mode. Since he was not indian, I stared rudely at him meaning mind-your-business for sometime and continued eating; nothing can come between me and food and that includes a german fellow. I don’t waste energy in staring at indian guys staring at me, I just ignore them. Having (sorrowfully) done with the last eatable on my table, I was on my way out when I heard a pleasant voice above my head, "Do you know that you happen to look quite amusing while eating?” I looked up to find the same german guy smiling at me. I nodded quick up and down in response and made a quick exit.


gunj said...

dat pic made me hungry!! not fair!

Endevourme said...

/-I don’t waste energy in staring at indian guys staring at me, I just ignore them.
too good hehe :D

Asmita said...

HeeHee want a share? it was very tasty u know! they keep fresh fish in lemon juice n then with special spices fr sometime n then fry very slowly n then smoke it!
also there is special curry and rice,,its aroma is just woooowww!!!
mmmmuuuuaaaahhhh! :)

HeeHee ya especially in public places like cafes they stare like anything man! so got habit of ignoring them :)

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey first time i m here....nice blog u have got...

plzzzz remove that pic of hypnotizes

Ankur said...

hahaa.. seriously, u r most annoyed when someone stares at u while u havin ur share of cake.. :D

guess nothin comes inthemiddle of eating, before and after i dont mind... :D


nice read :)

Asmita said...

hey! welcome here :)
naaaawwww i wont remove HeeHee!

no da,
if you are beautiful, so many guyz will run around you n after some time you start getting irritated you know! there isnt just space you cant really relax!
HeeHee i agree about the food part :)

Ankur said...

**if you are beautiful, so many guyz will run around you n after some time you start getting irritated

so u want to say... u look really beautiful!!! is it ;) :D :P

*rolling eyes*



Asmita said...

i dont like blowing my own horn HeeHee

Ekta said...

well as long as u enjoy what u eat..damn everyone!

Asmita said...

HeeHee...damn everyone!!!

gunj said...

with that description, u can turn a vegeaian into a non veggie!!:P

Pri said...

oyeee itna khoagi toh moti ho jaogi :p
aww poor guy...probably was just trying to make some conversation to make up or his offending behaviour :D

Asmita said...

HeeHee, thats bad :)

arey nahin baba!
u know even when i eat day-and-night i am not gaining a single pound!
i used to wonder weigh-machine at home is stuck to 53!

our family-doc says i am hyperactive so wont gain HeeHee

the guy was not even good-looking otherwise would have tried a word or two! :)

Mahi said...

yummy pic!! my mouth has started to water!

Asmita said...

HeeHee lol :)

Rasika Mahabal said...

will take a break... I am hungry!