Monday, May 19, 2008


Photo Courtesy - Google
Place:Hotel Sheraton

People:Me, A(My hubby) and G(A's guest)

The hall looks too big even for the occasion of a party. There are few
tables, placed widely enough to give privacy. Three of us are seated at the table with me in the middle, A on my right and G on the left. Now introduction is over, the order has been fired and an unbearable period of waiting has started. Occasionally waiters in impeccable white clothes hover around with hurried quickness. Out of boredom i observe them as if i am seeing a waiter for the first time. A and G are discussing business, i nod at certain moments to show that i am listening and manage to smile when other two laugh. G is a fat man of about forty with a wife and two kids, he is wearing a suite for the occasion and a tie.
Our waiter comes back, bows a little and tells that the wine we ordered, isn't in the stock and 'if you would you like to order something else...?'.
For a few moments A is placing the order, i am looking at the waiter and i find that G is looking at me. I need not look at his face to see that, in a hurried moment he observes me, his eyes start from my face, first to make sure that i am not looking at him. Then to my hair, to lips, to the motion of my earrings, to my shoulders and following contours of my hands all the way to my wrists resting on the table. His eyes see the ring in my finger with a shining diamond in it and his glance jumps. Just at the same time A has finished placing the order and he turns to us. His face is normal and I wonder whether he has noticed. We wait for a few more minutes, for the order to be served, and during this time occasionally G's eyes rush to my hands resting on the table. This is not new to me. A typical sight, helpless begging eyes, waiting for a chance to look at beauty. I am indifferent and i choose not to care. I allow appropriate number of moments to pass and then i lift my hands off the table and keep them on my lap. I straighten myself up to keep my face away from the table. G has probably taken the clue and he prefers not to look at me again.
The lunch is over and A and myself are on our way back home. I am driving, as i always do. For a long time A is silent, rare for him on an occasion like this. "Tired?", i ask. "No", he smiles. "I love the ring i gave you Asmi, quite appropriate for an occasion like this". I look at him, my eyes wide, startled."You noticed...?", i ask."Yes i did"."Did you get angry?", i ask. "No dear, i owned you more in that one hour than i do now".


gunj said...

:) :) :)
u just reminded me of dagny taggart n hank rearden's love affair in the book atlas shrugged!
read that book if u still havent!

Endevourme said...

that was real gud asmi :D
but dont u think this is changing theme of the blog ? after a few days it will change all look and feel...

Asmita said...

atlas? nope never read!
will try :)

HeeHee let it!
change is gud yaar :)

Alapana said...

endevourme.. Made change the blog post:) contrast and all taken care but you forgot, the artist is you and not me:) so there will be lot of mistakes there:))

Pri said...

err..that 'G' guy was kinda creepy me thinks :-/

onlyshruti said...

Hey Asmi!
That was interesting - pretty different from what both you guys normally put.
Strange how the threads that bind us to those who we love become more invisible, as they become stronger!
Love the use of the alphabet as well! ;-)

Asmita said...


yea what to do yaar cant avoid the stuff!

Hey shruti!
arey nahin G is first letter of his name, i didnt intend what you mean HeeHee :)