Monday, May 12, 2008

Forever & ever

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He comes home after a hectic trans-atlantic flight. I open the door and find him standing outside, all thinned out and sleepy. I give a sigh of relief and welcome him. Though tired, he manages to smile and tells how healthy i look like. He comes in and sits down on the sofa. His throat is dry and i give him a glass of water. He drinks slowly, trying to get our house back into his senses. "Everything looks just the same", he says. I give a silent nod. "Not that I expected something". "hmmm...I know", i reply. He smiles back. I sit next to him, on the floor and look at him closely. His face has become greasy and his shirt is crumpled. His shirt is folded at forearms and his hands are lying limply on the sides of sofa. I lift my hand from the floor and place it next to his. His masculine and strong, mine thin and delicate. "You know asmi, i want it to be always like this, just what we are now, you and me, do you understand?", he asks. I say,"i do", looking into his eyes. "For all this time, i always felt you near myself", he says."I did too dear", i reply," but I missed you terribly". A tear rolls down my cheek and he sees that. He leans down close to me , we look at each other and i see how gentle his face looks like. "Did anyone tell you that you look horrible when you cry?". That makes me laugh, "Why did you go away then?", i ask. But this is not a question, and both of us understand that.


gunj said...


Endevourme said...

oye wht are u writing? this is just out of sync with our blg!
nicely written tho :D

Asmita said...

huggggggzzzzzzzz!!! HeeHee :)

lol! i thought so but wht to do? will post as long as it comes out good :)

Casperbaba said...

that's touchy!
soft! gentle!
romantic in a wierd way.
yet lucid and warm.
it was a nice feeling!

gr8 work.
god bless ya nd him.

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Pri said...

aww...thats soo cute!

hope u have many more such romantic moments together :)

Asmita said...

awww...thanks fr the wishes :)

Nirmal's Blog,
romantic? HeeHee :)

hei! dont you mean that he should go away?

Alapana said...

Beautifully said.

nefariousoutlook said...

niceee one !! well written

Asmita said...

thank yu :)

thanks fr visiting ya :)

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