Sunday, March 07, 2010


I was listening to some song from a new movie the other day. I like fewer and fewer songs from new movies and while listening to the song, I started feeling, atleast here comes a slow, catchy song. I try to hum along with it. After some time, I find that, what I felt slow, is indeed too fast to follow it through.
Another incident. Our evening cab. A new girl, just out of college, is on the front seat, with three of us in the back. “Do you want me to pull the seat forward, so that it would be more comfortable to you?”, asked the girl on the front seat and three of us were stunned. It was obviously not what she asked that made us stunned. It was the breathtaking speed with which she uttered that sentense did. For us, it took few seconds to slowly recall and comprehend the meaning of that sentense.
Is this why they say that the new generation is faster? And more importantly, is faster the better?
No, I am not going to comment negatively on the next generation as most elders do, one reason being, I don’t know which generation I belong to. Statistics says, generation by generation, we are getting faster. We speak more number of words per minute than our previous generations did. That probably applies to content of conversations as well. Parents now find difficult to follow flow of conversation with their children. Proud parents call their faster talking children as “smart”. I don’t know if stunning someone with too much information is being smart.
My mind, usually, is quiet clear. Compared to people around, its pretty quiet and focused. But still, I am beginning to get an inkling that maybe slow or fast is relative and I am not myself that slow really. I have few classical vocal songs of 1980, and I find them too slow to follow. I find hard to keep correct focus, if a part of song lingers for longer periods of time. This maybe because, even my mind has got accostomed to faster speeds. But is this is a positive thing in me? I don’t think so. Some things are better appreciated when one is not in a hurry. I think its definitely good to be able to go fast, but shouldnt we also be able to slow down when we want to?
The pic...a hawk ofcourse :)

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