Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spider n his web…

I am a sound sleeper. (No I don’t make sounds while I am sleeping ;) ). I get few dreams, and most of them are quite typical. The dreams are never in the present. I mean, the overall look and feel is pretty old fashioned, not a modern one. I see a particular town, it has few lakes, has old styled buildings that are built in stone. They are huge compared to modern houses. The atmosphere usually is cloudy. Its amazingly peaceful and charming. Lively could be a better word. I am usually in a quite relaxed mood (probably because I am physically sleeping ;)), and everything looks soft and crystal clear.
The point of getting the above details is, I got a dream yesterday. It was little bit different. The theme was that, I have joined a new company. Probably an IT related company. But the office was in this perfect dream town. When I enter the office, it doesnot look like an IT company from any angle. There is real heavy classic wooden furniture. There is no AC but atmosphere is pleasantly warm(as it always is in my dreams). There is dim yellowish lighting. Most of the light is coming from outside, just diffused natural light everywhere. Its wonderful and I love it. I feel like how beautiful it must be to work here!
When I wake up, I compare real life offices with my dream one. How are the real ones? I worked in many offices, and its difficult to say which one was worse. I don’t understand why people first make it dark by blocking continuous warm natural light and then switch on glaring hot lights that flicker on and off at 50Hz. The people that maintain AC need real education in closed loop control. Most of the places, the temperature varies anywhere between 17C to 27C and the variations are just random. Are chairs in our offices really comfortable? I think they are too comfortable. Most people I see, are sitting in front of the monitors and their bodies are sagged down somewhere inside the cubicle and that really does look unhealthy. If you are working in IT, does it really mean you must sit in front of a computer for the whole day? Its almost as bad as making children sit at one place for entire school day. The interiors of most companies looks identical, rows and rows of cubicles. It might be space efficient but I always felt, its better to have less population and huge space than huge population with space effiency. Why cant interior decorators be more creative to make a Victorian styled office?
If only the office in my dream really existed….

The pic…some spider :)


V Rakesh said...

I so often become sick due to the manner in which ventilation is done @ work! Designers so often need to use the brains which apparently lies unused!

Nice picture btw!

Gauri Gharpure said...

a dreamy post tht makes me dream abt office chairs and tea. however unhealthy... :)

Junius said...

hehe yes thats true..

#Gauri Gharpure
heehee...for all the socializing women haa?

Chinmay said...

yesterday, on the white board of my work-desk I scribbled a work-desk with some fancy monitors and a tree on it's side. on my way home, I dreamed even more.

few days back I buzzed this:
"I pity those zombies who adapted themselves to COLD AC temperatures so that machines would require less maintenance and some imported managers shall feel homely !"

AC is too cold again today :(