Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I work in open environment. I prefer to handle people than the other way round.
Some situations are 'difficult'.I use reserved weapons for this, like - 'confusion'.

I imagine that all other people have intelligence of a 3 year old.
You have to play this like a game & drive them to confusion.

Say something and after two minutes change meaning of what you said.

Induce conflicts. Make vague statements.

Hop topics. Agree a concept and then fight against it.

Stare at people blankly.

Scribble strange numbers in your diary.

Make sounds like 'mmm' or 'hmmm...'.which can mean anything.

Tip for biginners -
If you are in a group,divide the group you are discussing into two parts.
Left side people, right side people.
For first 5 minutes agree to 'whatever' is said by lefts,
after 5 minutes agree to 'whatever' is said by rights.

It helps.


PS: Endevourme is occupied and will post soon. I have suggested him to write some spiritual stuff. u know he is good at that and i envy him for being so much mentally balanced.


Aditi said...

that is fine your posts are fine too...=)
i use that hmm tactic

endevourme said...


angada said...

Chitra and me are best buddies :-)
Her blogs inspired me to blog better and put up more and more posts though I donot write much. I am playing a tribute to our friendship by doing this!

angada said...

I disagree with your concept of 'overcome opposition with confusion'. I think that this concept cannot work in the long run and this is where most organisations (people) fail, though they make enormous gains at first. A meeting is conducted to get a better understanding of the situation at hand. At the end of the scenario that you have mentioned, when we think about the knowledge gained by the meeting is zero. So, these people have taken one or many steps backwards rather than moving forward.

The concept 'confusion does not work' is best illustrated in the industry that I am a part of - VLSI. Every year, we see more and more companies joining hands to solve common problems due to the prohibitive cost of doing everything on their own. This concept actually works like a wonder! This journey has not been simple by any standards. At the core, it needed a change in the thinking of the people to share information, a willingness to strive to indulge in discussions that would eventually be fruitful and so on...

I am not sure how things work in the industry that you are in. However, my feeling is that 'overcome opposition with confusion' cannot work beyond a few meetings.

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chocolteluva said...

hmmm playing the devils advocate only works for soo long, i hope the groups never turn on you. hehe
and from personal experience: I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ARE VAGUE.. i have no patience and it does get on my nerves.

deepsat said...

i feel ur concept is largely based on getting normalization thru chaos!! its a good approach but then the time taken will be more!!

any group behaves like this..
form -> storm -> norm -> perform


Asmita said...

u dont need to give reasons to me.

angada and choc
infact it does work!
i work in embedded,
its not a means of defence, but a way to open up atmosphere and remove bias
from people's minds.

i think u misunderstood the post :-)



ya a tool to SET UP things right

Asmita said...
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endevourme said...

#angii and chocolteluva
i know asmits very well,
and i must say she is a very good team player,
everybuddy manipulates. some people accept it some dont.

managing people without their knowing is best part of it!

zzz-writer said...

"if you can't convince them-confuse them."

angada said...

@ asmita n endevourme
Glad to know that!
"managing people without their knowing"
I had not looked at it from this angle.

Asmita said...

hehe true :D!!

my intentions are never bad

Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hey, this one is a very one piece. I really loved it.

Asmita said...

#priyanka mahanta
thnxs :-)

Shama & Diya said...

I like this advice! Best way for them to stop disagreeing with you is to confuse them. That way the real problem is pushed under the rug - mission solved:-)

Asmita said...

shama n diya
hehe thanks :-)