Wednesday, September 20, 2006


hi guyz!
I showed my blog to one of my friends(?) Asmita.
She said i am not maintaining this place 'properly',and lot of 'creative things' can be put here.
We argued a lot, and it was decided that we will have a TT match,and whoever wins, will have the blog.
I LOST :-(
so now the blog belongs to her.I will be able to do posts here 'with her permission'.
she also happens to be one of my beeesssttt friend :D!!

Happy blogging!


Asmita said...

i am no villian dear,
u lost because of overconfidence :D

Aditi said...

Hahahha.. I am so sorry.. but why make such a bet.
Welcome Asmita, we long to see what changes you bring about

Asmita said...

hi aditi
i changed name - 'gulmohar'
many things's gonna change

Has to be me said...

Sorry 2 note that u lost endevourme!
Asmita welcome & looking fwd to newer n creative things! :)

Sunil Parmar said...'s first time that i went through your blog.
It's nice as well as different...
Haapy blogging :)

Asmita said...

has to be me
"Winning Smile"

sunil parmar
u really think so? hehe
keep visiting

Arti Honrao said...

Looking forward to the changes!


Maya Cassis said...

i came here through 'has to be me'.
I was also shocked to know that you lost your blog out to your best friend.

Srikanth said...

hi endevourme & asmitha, I have browsed this blog sometime back, 'll follow it regularly from now on.. promising a lot especially with the change..


Asmita said...

arti, srikanth

maya cassis
one correction - he is my best friend,
i am not his best friend, just one of the crowd

endevourme said...

nobody wants me :-(

deepsat said...

that was a good prize you won (to the new owner).


Pritika Gupta said...

okie gulmohar name is good but i like more the back ground chosen by ende... that was soothing to eyes.. this one is pinching

Asmita said...

hehe, thanks

it was boring though...

Shankari said...


Asmita said...

hi welcome here,

nirmala said...

hiii...asmita n endevourme....ohhh
lost:-(....dnt worry asmita is here

Asmita said...

tanku tanku :-)