Friday, September 22, 2006

My motto

Made weak by time and fate,

but strong in will,

To strive,

To seek,

To find,

and NOT to yield.

-Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Seema said...

Hi Asmita...thanks for yr visit to the clouds...
mah first visit to yr taken over page!!!used to visit the page by Endevourme...
Looking forward to more...

Aditi said...

My first reaction was dang the template changed.
The two templates are as far apart as two people might make em
Nice words though

Hiren said...

Nice photo. As for yeilding, there is a time to fight and a time to yeild. Make the wrong choice and you will suffer both ways.

Hazel Dream said...

Ahh beautiful place

Srikanth said...

very true words..isn't it ?

chocolteluva said...

hey, i was suprised by the change in blog template. good work ;) ..
hmm i liked the quote, not yielding -- sometimes u have to learn to surrender and yeild. learning to accept when u need help is a good thing.

deepsat said...

never submit.. keep walking!! life is beautiful... its always a lil ahead!!


Asmita said...

hehe, 'taken over page' - nice !

yup, the erlier was all green! quite boring naa?

hiren and choco
true,but we yield too early

hazel dream
..??..which place?

true really

when we give up sometimes we are soo close to success!

Varsha said...


and cool pic!!

Asmita said...

thanku thanku hehe

nirmala said...

the pic is r the words..

i was also suprised whose blog is this??..hehey da template and the title are kool...

Asmita said...

tanku tanku :-)