Sunday, March 11, 2007

Aiming high

My idea of perfect lifestyle is old fashioned,
but thats the way i am.


Aditi said...

what does aiming high have to do with perfect old fashioned lifestyle?

Endevourme said...

good old asmi :D
i think this 'class' thing runs in ur family...
and see there are so many ppl who try to imitate you naa,
but original is original isnt it?

Asmita said...

well...its perfect, thats why!

ya the farmhouse and the horses and all, i miss that here, but its costly, dad tells if i am spending half of money just like that then there is no point in staying here so far and working

Pritika Gupta said...

is this ur photo asmita.. its really good..

Asmita said...

no dear, its not mine
but i do have some photos in family album
i was very young then, dad and me sitting on two horses side by side :)
we keep horses,
we had one called 'sefton', she was my favourite she was dark and had a
white diamond shaped patch on her forehead :-)

chocolteluva said...

hmm how does the girl, horse and obstacle relate to the perfect old fashioned lifestyle?
im confused?
and how is aiming high PERFECT?
sometimes aiming high isnt always good, because sometimes aiming high isnt possible. it will only disappoint you cause you cant reach the goal.
if you aim low, reach it, aim low again, reach it.. slowly you can reach the big goal. if you aim high and fail.. you might just wanna give up?

Asmita said...

u mean we should keep low aim?
i dont think i can do that ever, w would prefer to fail than putting myself low...

u must have heard this naa-
"at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

i may sound rude but no offence meant :-)

Sujit said...

but isn't that one depending on the other? than you doing a high jump?

Asmita said...

Err...didnt get :-)

Sujit said...

you are aiming high! thats fine.. but aim is achevied through the horse? so you are dependent on the horse while the horse is independent?.. so when you are aiming you need some dependency? isn't so? the whole thing means?

chocolteluva said...

never mind it.. and no you werent being rude. =)

chocolteluva said...

oh and i wasnt saying aim low - by no means, im just saying aim high but dont aim TOO HIGH, cause dreams can be crushed and you have to be prepared for that.

Asmita said...

Err...not like that
the horse tells about a rich lifestyle, and my aim is to maintain that :)

i understand.
the thing is i was born and brought up in this atmosphere where everything is so easy but again,its a costly lifestyle.
if it happens that tomorrow i lose it, i dont know if i can adjust or compromise