Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Waiting...for rain


Aditi said...

ahh rain.. the wait for rain is what makes summer bearable.. barso re.. megha..

dharmabum said...

isn't it raining already? its raining heat :D

Sujit said...

very nice! nice close up shot!

Deepthi said...

well shot and here is my tow lines for the pic

Clouds play hide and seek like little excited kids,
Thunder shouts not so angry and asks them to move aside.
Cause the day has come to fill the world,
With thoughts from heaven in the form of rain


Shankari said...


tell me I am *sick*

Can only think of Nishabd when I see this pic

*running away ashamed*

Asmita said...

wow, i love this song :)


this pic i found on net, dont know who took it :)

WoW! pretty lines there, did you write them?

..didnt get anything,
*staring blankly at monitor*

Miss Iyer said...

Really? Still waiting?


cheee chee!

Protegeoflife said...

me 2 waitin for rain to come and summer to fgo away heat to disspate

Deepthi said...

yes,I swear on my sutta,I wrote those mispelt lines..inspired by your pic :)

Sophie said...


has such small hands -

and a big heart -

i LOVE the rain....

Asmita said...

miss iyer,
yes! really waiting!
so u got what shakari said :-)

what is protogeoflife?

so we have a a talented poet :)

quite metaphysical that was :)

dharmabum said...

@ shankari - why ashamed?

@ iyer - why chee chee?

Lisa Francisco said...

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Always nice to meet new people even though they get *scared* (wink wink) of the tasks I propose. :) I love love love your site. I'm a picture girl although i don't take pictures but soon I will to upload on my site. I love the rain pic. It looks so refreshing...the ant with the crackers is that really real? how did someone or should I say you see that ant and catch it? Hmm....:) Welcome!

Kuan Gung said...

Very nice...great images here!

Endevourme said...

nice pic hehe
#lisa fransisco
thank yu for comng here :D
arey, the ant pic is not taken by me!
the pics which have 'photo by ende..' are only ones taken by me :D!

Asmita said...


lisa & kuan gung,
thank yu :)


Rasika Mahabal said...

great click