Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Looking Forward...

Photo by - Endevourme

After a long time, I will be going on a long break,
travelling back to my native.
want to take now much needed rest,
and to get rid of this worn out feeling inside me.
Travelling gives a time to think and to reflect.
Lot of things need to be sorted out.
Somehow ... i am tired.

This weariness reminds me a song from Moulin Rouge,
where Nicole Kidman looks at us, honestly,
her eyes full with tears.
a question on her face "why me?", .....

"I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I beginTo live again?

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday

What more could your Love do for me?
When will Love be through with me?
Why live life from dream to dream?
And dread the day when dreaming ends...

I was a fool to believe . . .
A fool to believe. . .
It all ends today. . .
Yes, it all ends today
Today's the day when dreaming ends... "


Seema said...

Hi..have a lovely and rested vacation...come back with all the new zest n zeal !!!
The song is beautiful..can imagine yr frame of mind when u think of it..words are so touching n tears roll !!!
take care and have a nice break!!!

Saroj said...

I too love travelling.

'Dreaming'-I believe dreams are what we want in our life and we all want one or the other things in our life. So how can one live without dreams?

nirmala said...

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I beginTo live again?

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday

beautiful song and touching........i know u must b tired of all ths hurryburry evryday life ....enjoy n have a peaceful break.

Pritika Gupta said...

Why live life from dream to dream?
... lifes stops when dreams stops... I too wanna take a break.. but wanna go to some lonely hilly area..away from all obligations..all formalities..i wanna some time for me ..only me..

Anyways..Have a wonderful journey..come back fully refreshed and with lot of new refreshing articles..

endevourme said...

thank you for the wishes :-)
and trying to understand the feelings.
i think we all feel the same.

/-So how can one live without dreams?

thats what i am saying naa,
when dreaming ends,
there is no life,
thats what is dreadful...

thank you,
/-peaceful break
i desperately need that :-)

thank you,
so you know what you really want,
listen to urself, let it GO...
this is the time, nowhere in future.
stop dreaming, start living :-)

chitra said...

have a nice vacation. keep yourself away from computers and enjoy the nature's beauty!

Capture more scenic photographs!


Neha said...

hope u have a good vacation :-)

endevourme said...

thanks dear,
i will follow your advice :-)
here i dont feel like taking photos,
as i feel in my native...

thank you :-)

tarni said...

Hey enjoy your vacations!!
Well lovely blog... specially those pics of Gulmohar... lovely one!!


Shama & Diya said...

Have a safe trip! With all the chaos, I am sure you will find some peace:)

I need dreams to escape reality...a place with no boundaries and limitations..just an endless path...

endevourme said...

thank you for the wishes,
thats not gulmohar but some other tree:-(
(this probably shows my photography skills ;-))

thank you for the wishes,
escape from reality?,
better to accept it as is.
why run away from ur own self?
why lie to urself?

Mridula said...

Green seems to be the moto on this blog! Enjoyed your pictures.

Saroj said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
endevourme said...

thank you very much :-)

i dont understand how one comment is shown deleted(?)

Rose said...

Yipppee.. More pix of plants!!! U luv touch-me-nots very much? (They are touch-me-nots arnt they?)

Hv a luvly time at home.. Nice lyrics but sad..

I personally wud have re-written the words as.

"Why live a life from one day to another?
Live life from a dream to another,
Live life as if the dreamz wud never end.."

But i gues Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge's director)wud disapprove..



endevourme said...

my vacation is already over.still, thank you,
one week i was in my native.
and they are not touch-me-nots.
hmmm...people cant even identify plants in my photos...

nirmala said...

I am also curious to kno ...yeah the leaves in ur pic or either touchme not or gulmohar..i dont know the name but i think i know ths trees which are very commonly seen.i think they hve ths lil round hairy like flowers when they are grown.and c bunches of seed i correct.u hve to tell me now.

Rose said...


I gues im not a plant person.. ~sheepish grin~.. I prefer living, furry, cuddly things..



Shama & Diya said...

I don't know...Sometimes, with no strength left, the easiest choice seems to just escape it...I believe in fighting but I guess I need to learn to stop giving up so easily...your encouraging stories may help:)

endevourme said...

yaa they are very common, everywhere...
but i dont know the name,
but they are not gulmoher/touchmenots.
and ur description is correct.

these plants are evergreen, these are photos in may,
in hot summer...still they look cool and green.

erlier i too was like that :-)
now after i started to 'see' and 'listen',
i like things which are long lasting,

reality what we call, is not absolute one.
its only one interpretation of 'what is'.
i see so much beauty in this world,
that there is very less need to dream :-)