Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nir-moh... Nir-vair...

Photo by - Endevourme

Last week, for the first time i went to Tirupati. We were five of us.
Some way, we forgot the tickets. So no darshan.
Running around for 5 hours, we were frustrated.
One of us said "GOD is busy da, we will try next time...".
A thought came to my mind,
"Well...I am not meeting HIM, OK for me.
But HE too is incomplete without me, so HE too is losing..."

Same week in my native...Palkhi is a big festival there.
Palkhi travels through my native. Around 4 lakh people come walking, along with palkhi, to meet Krishna.
Sometime in the afternoon I stepped out of our society and
...I was startled to see palkhi right in front of me!
Quietly, I stepped ahead, removed my chappals, and touched HIS feet.

I never believed in GOD in material form.
But I went to see HIM in that form,
I couldnt meet HIM,
I complained,
so HE came to meet me at my door...
I felt happy that HE understands me,
at the same time felt sad that i was so narrow minded.
Who i am? i come... i go..., hardly matters.
But at once I felt, 'HE knows...'.

I will call this whole thing a coincidence,
but the exact timing, and the way things worked out,
....well...i dont know...


Pritika Gupta said...

hmm.. he knows everything.. i dont know when ever ur faith in god start diminishing he do sth tht it again get establish tht too more strongly..

endevourme said...

the pic i took peeking into my neighbour's garden,
the flowerbuds open in the evening.
they smell real good.

thank you,
i am always well confused about GOD thing :-)

Pritika Gupta said...

hmm inspired by u i also took some of the nature photos.. n glad they come out good..

endevourme said...

very good :-)
post them naa...
and inspiration is nature, not me.

Shama & Diya said...

God is always there..just have a strong faith to believe..that's all

And yes that is a beautiful pic, dude you know how to capture nature's true essence..awesome:D

Seema said...

hi...nice pic !!!
n nothing can stop something that has to happen;) so what if it was meeting God hehe...take care !!!

nirmala said...

Beautiful pic..luvly green..peeeking into ur neighbours garden ha:-)gud so v r gonna c more pic of ur neighbours garden!!

ya god knows evrything and his ways are strange... we keep blaming sometimes in anger n frustrated n pain but he is the only one v finaly end up..and he sure helps us in his way...finaly u got darshen c i think dats the momemnt u mite felt satisfied a grt feeling hmmm...nice post

jac said...

Lovely !

Mind you, it will sure happen again.

endevourme said...

/-GOD is always there... so true :-)

next time i go tirupati, even if i dont meet HIM,
i wont complain for sure :-)

yaa dat was a nice moment,
i will remember always...

thank you :-)
hope it does..

Aditi said...

Wow nice story. Its moments like these that not only shake our faith but reaffirm it. Maybe remind us of how trivial in the grand scheme of things we really are.
Thanks for stopping by

endevourme said...

thank you too for stopping by :-)
keep coming.

Curious said...

thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.
It is so very true... HE has his own ways of reaffirming our faith.BTW beautiful pic!

endevourme said...

thank you too for stopping by and liking the pic
keep coming.

Shankari said...

nir-gun? :o

endevourme said...

hmmm....well....that comes in non-material form.
this one is about GOD in material form :-)