Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On a rainy day...

Photo by - Endevourme

"Sir... remember me...?...", he came.
Damp, wet, muddy clothes, water in his hair.
He sat there for a moment, looked up at me , smiled, and said,
"Ganga-maiyya was a guest to us...
She stayed at our house.
She was bubbling like a married girl back to her parents house.
She danced within four walls like a child,
And how she will go empty handed ? - but my wife is still alive.
Walls have come down, nothing is left
everything we had she has taken away,
While going, as a memory, she has left tears in our eyes.
Now i am trying to go on, along with my wife ,
buiding walls again, taking out mud and clay....."

He saw my hand going towards my pocket,
he got up,... smiling.
"i dont want money Sir,
just felt some loneliness...
my home collapsed, not my pride,
just put your hand on my shoulder and say - just fight."


Saroj said...

Nice write-up. Photograph is beautiful

endevourme said...

This post was inspired from a poem by Kusumagraj,
about a man whose house was distroyed by floods.

River in the photo is Krishna.

Pritika Gupta said...

endevourme.. as usual liked it very much.. welcome back..

Seema said...

Hi, very nicely written!!!! actually the floods destroying one's home but the way you've put life into it is really nice !!! keep it going...

nirmala said...

hi nice to cu back..hope u had gud time thr........nicely written..the pic is beautiful..the river looks so calm , peaceful n innocent...resting..beautiful but its strange.. its a gods creation.
.. as a memory, she has left tears in our eyes..hmmmm its very painful to lose.

Sandeep Menon said...

the river snap is too good....and so is the post.

endevourme said...

thank you very much,
he he, i did the post and wanted to add first comment.
you r so fast :-) u got there first!

thank you for liking it.
first time i posted non-green photo.

the original writeup by kusumagraj is too beautiful,
i had to struggle to find words to translate that.

thank you :-)
i took the pic on my way back here.
it was a rainy day, and water was muddy.
and ur description of river matches with mine wery well!

#sandeep menon
thank you very much da,
keep coming :-)

Phoenix said...

it's really beautiful.
both the pic and the words.

chitra said...

wow! to see floods in this perspective is really nice.
Normally called the destroyer , floods would love to be termed this way!

endevourme said...

thank you very much da,
keep visiting :-)

yaa, rivers give us so much,
sometimes they take away too :-)

Rose said...

Its sad wat happened.. When tornados in life hit us, leaving us with nothing but the ghosts of its impact.. Its difficult to pick up the pieces and build our life afresh brick by brick.. But thank god his wife is safe.. Becoz i believe that we can face anything in this world if we have our luvd ones by our side..

For once u didnt hv a pic of a plant.. Wat hua?? ;)

But let me tel ya.. Beautiful pic.. The clouds afar are incredible..



endevourme said...

wht happened was indeed very sad...
but i dont know that guy,
kusumagraj wud be knowing ;-)

i thought this pic will suit more to the post,
i wanted to try something bit different
...and the river was just amazing :-)

Ashish Gupta said...


now thats very inspiring
[more so 'coz I am feeling very low ;) ]

Shama & Diya said...

"Just fight" ....LOVE IT!!!

endevourme said...

#ashish gupta
thank you :-)
i first read the original poem when i was
in 8th standard!
keep visiting.

thank you da,
keep fighting :-)

anup.777 said...

nice one ... Fight On!!! :)

endevourme said...

thank you for visiting :-)
keep coming...

kandykane said...

lovely article pal, what a brilliant style of writing. Love it.
yes, our blog styles are the same... and here's a BIG grin for you


endevourme said...

thank u da,
keep visiting ,
this is for u, :-)

chitra said...

Pride....one emotion which cannot be developed at will....

endevourme said...

thank you for coming here :-)
well.... it depends on the person...

Anonymous said...

While going, as a memory, she has left tears in our eyes.

While going, she has left some water in our eyes would be more appropriate translation